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  Security Products for Corporate America, Prisons, Business and Home


Road Spikes

Stop Unwanted Traffic from entering

Surface mounted 3 foot panels

with or without  latch down teeth

 In ground flush  Models




Random  Search Selection Made easy

For Non Discriminatory Selection

of people

used at Exit  or Entry locations

-  Vehicle Searches  -Drug Screening

Don't Choose who to Screen 



Inmate Weapon Screening Detector


Detects Potential Weapons 

Detects Precious Metals

Down to the size of a BB  

 Bullet Resistant

Transaction Windows  1

For a Safer Work environment


Teller windows 2


Bullet Resistant Doors

Class Room Door Security

Ticket Windows

low security Clear Tempered Glass Models

make the easy to install ticket box office


Wall Pass Thru Units

Easily Pass items thru walls


Drop in Countertop & Bullet Resistant

  cash transactions trays


Transaction Drawers

from walk up to drive up we have the right transaction drawer for passing items and cash


Ticket Window Speak thru Grills

window speak thru Grills

See Amplified Intercoms

See all Intercoms

Bullet Resistant Models



Makes hearing customer easy

Amplified Window Intercoms

AC or Lithium Battery rechargeable models

thru glass model

available in bullet resistant version


 Crystal Clear Sound  in an amplified Talk thru Window Intercom 



Various Models of Bullet Resistant

Transaction windows

clamp on frame an more


2  of pass thru options

 Drive up  or walk up Convenience Windows 


Bullet Resistant

Transaction  Window with   Pass Thru



Stainless Steel Shelf's with  Built In Deal Tray



Lazy Susan Pass Through  

 Pass Items  thru walls or glass partitions

Standard or Bullet Resistant Models


Small Vertical Slider window  for non tempered glass

Transaction Drawers

Basic to Bullet Proof Models


Pass  Thru  Troughs 

  The Fastest way to Transfer Items thru Walls


Medical   Instrument  Detector

Scan laundry, Trash Bags,  Parcels ,Patients Clothing

M-Scope Metal Detector

Portable Fold Up Walk Thru Metal Detectors


CRASH  Barriers

 More that a Beam  More like a Barrier

See more Barrier options



AUTO DIALERS for Land Line connection

Don't Pay Month Fees Monitor  your love ones

Temperature, Voltage

humidity intrusion, Water  Power  failure etc

" Totally Random" Non discriminatory Screening  Device

Screening Selection  done the Easy Way 


Cellular Auto Dialer for

 Emergency  Notification

Works without phone line present


monitors temperature, Voltage

humidity ,intrusion, water  Power  failure,  a lot More


Wedge Barriers for Serious  Traffic Control


Lift Arm Gates

Various arm lengths available


Amplified Counter Top Window Intercom



Walk Thru Security Weapons Detector


Heavy Duty  Hinges

 Sliding  Transaction Window 

Bullet Resistant or  Clear Tempered glass

Shelf with Deal Tray for easy Cash exchanges

Door Video Intercom

3 models to choose from

Secure Weapon Screening

Remove Nothing -Just Walk thru

High School  & Stadium Screening

Portable Field X-Ray Scanner

screen suspect packages



 Bullet Resistant Deal Trays   


Cash Exchange Made Easy


Bomb  and Blast Receptacles


Manuel Sliding Bullet Resistant

Transaction Windows


Portable Vehicle Crash Barriers



Garrett Metal Detectors



 Motorized Tire Spikes


Mail slots for 1/4 inch glass



In ground Flush Mounted






traffic Spikes


How Safe are your valuables

All Models of Safes


Food  Service Windows


 Easy Access for Drive up Traffic

Used by The Food Service Industry



Check Gate Metal Detectors


Convex Round, Inspection Mirrors & More

Mirrors for seeing blind spots


the Solution to seeing around the corner



 Loss Prevention starts with

Shoplifting Prevention



Un-Manned Building Access




  Surveillance Equipment

Portable Random Search Selector

 carry to any check point battery operated

   Magnetic Door Locks


Walk Thru Turnstiles


Walk Thru Metal Detectors

33 zones  and more

Portable Explosives Detector




  Guaranteed to Stop  unwanted vehicles



 Guard Shacks Huts N More

Guard Tour  Watch Clocks

And Stations  various Models



Cameras for Home or Office

4 -8-16-32 Camera s



Remote viewing from Your smart Phone




Biometric  ID Terminals


Security Products Unlimited

Feel Safe Not Sorry


Teller Window with Lazy Susan Pass Thru


Traffic Control designed to Keep Traffic Out

Wedge Barriers


Motorized Plate Barriers



Ticket Window with Coin Tray

Non Bullet Resistant


Under Car  or Vehicle Inspection Mirrors

With Casters , or with flash lights attached to pole



K2 K4 K8 K12 Crash Barriers Stops Traffic Fast

 More that a Beam  More like a Barrier

Stop Vehicles Dead in there tracks


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