Security walk thru metal detectors and Handhelds Detectors

The Check GateŽ 8000 provides durable protection against threat and theft:
-Superb Discrimination, Excellent Target Selection; High Throughput; Low False Alarm Rate; Uniform Detection Within The Entire Archway; Bi-directional System.
Airport Security, U.S. Government Facilities, Courtrooms, Hospitals.
The Check gateŽ 8091 is an ultra sensitive and precious metal detection system:
-Excels in "metal free" security applications; 1/8" thick aluminum shielding panels; uniform detection within the entire archway; fast and easy calibration for program and sensitivity settings; detects razor blades, and microprocessor chips.
Precious Metal Detection, correctional and anti-theft, shields out objects on guards, extraordinary noise reduction, and extra discrimination of metals.
The Check gateŽ 9000 is the ultimate in security performance. It has the highest throughput ever!
Maximum target discrimination; Faster automatic calibration; Advanced signal processing; lowest false alarm rates; programmable zoned fields; DSP electronic noise reduction.
Airport Security, U.S. Government Facilities, Courtrooms, Hospitals
The Check gateŽ 9000C compact column design features:
-Maximum target discrimination; Offers the highest throughput traffic flow; Advanced signal processing; Extremely low false alarm rates and highest threat object detection rates are assured.
Airport Security, U.S. Government Facilities, Courtrooms, Hospitals
The Hand Wand™ is the most advanced handheld metal detector.
-Instant automatic tuning; built in battery check; extra active search area length and sensitivity; lightweight and comfortable grip; and a fully sealed case.
Courtrooms, Jails, Airport Security, Warehouses, Schools, Nuclear Power Plants, Embassies, Correctional Facilities, Hospitals, Mints, Special events






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