Security Products Unlimited was First Established in 1995,

Providing Corporate Security Products  ,used by major corporations around the world.

Some of our Customers include some of the Fortune 500 Corporations,  the various branches of the  Military , Air National Guard, Navy, Air Force, Dept of State,  US Army and Department of Homeland Security, the Security and Exchange Commission, Border Patrol and Both Private and Public Corporations,  Casinos, Hotel chains , to the     The Dept of Energy and  Dept. and  Mom and Pop Businesses

 We offer a diverse range of Security Products to Customers  around the World. We have provided an array of various Security Products to Casinos, Court Houses, Embassy's, Mental Health Facilities, jails, Federal Prisons, State prisons, County Jails Computer Manufactures, Oil Companies, Airlines, Cruise Lines Major Hotels Chains,  Major Retailers, Banks, and Military operations as well as  many small business.

We offer  often hard to find security products for virtually every aspect and concern of  physical security.

Our web site  although not fancy offers a simple and easy to browse format.


 Please see a  Partial Client List

Our goal is to provide Quality  Proven Products and offer you  PEACE OF MIND Security PRODUCTS at a fair Price


Our Products  are  time tested to meet the highest standards for  Reliability, Quality and Durability

   Security  is a Necessity in this Unpredictable World  in which we  all  live

We all face various Fears and different  levels of Concerns, 

So our goal is to help you  achieve   your goals for Greater  Safety and Greater  Peace of Mind





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