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Different types of speak thru grills  and window intercoms 

designed for  Ticket windows - Teller Windows- Box Offices- Stadium   -Prison  thru wall communication

 or  any Talk through applications

from  Low level Security Speak Thru Grills-   that are  non amplified

to  level 1 & 3 Bullet Resistant Window Speak Thru Grills   to

  Bullet Resistant  thru glass Amplified Window intercoms

Communication is initiated by depressing the power on switch on the corridor-side communicator. All control circuitry is located in the corridor-side unit and connected to the dayroom-side via a factory furnished cable.

Correctional Intercoms

Rugged Aluminum Construction

Duplex Communication

Voice Activated Switch

Background Noise Level Monitoring

Level Detection and Attenuation Control

Dimensions: 4.60"w x10.25"h



Bullet Resistant Speak Thru


Made of Heavy Stainless Steel with Brushed Finish
Louvers Spaced to Deflect Projectiles

Level 3 Bullet Resistance (.44 Magnum)

 This 6"  diameter grill is  designed for use with bullet resistant glass, acrylic or polycarbonate.

Made of heavy stainless steel, 

Accommodates glazing thicknesses from 1-3/16" to 1-7/8" (30 to 48 mm).

Optional Spacer Rings available for use with glazing materials less than 1-3/16" (30 mm) thick

require a 5 inch hole in glass

Level 3 Rated $ 550 plus freight

No cutting of glass Required

Desk Mounted Amplified Intercom

when you have a window that you cant cut a hole in for a window intercom

difficulty hearing

simply run a wire thru the wall and connect both together

Aluminum Speak Thru Grill

requires a 3 to 4 inch hole 

measure 5"1/8 Diameter

$ 145.00

Metal speak thru

4 inch metal $ 215 each 6 inch metal $235.00

for 1/4 inch glass only


4 inch Lucite  $ 195 each 6 inch metal $235.00

for 1/4 inch glass only

Dark  Black Grill

measure 5"1/8 Diameter

starting at $ 145..00


Wedge style intercom

No Cutting of Glass Required


Gold   Grill

measure 5"1/8 Diameter

$ 145.00

FeeL Safer.com


Bullet Resistant

Plate Grill



Non-Bullet Resistant

 5 and 7" Grill

Bullet Resistant

Circular backer

for acrylic or poly


Desk Station with window intercom

Bright Satin Anodized Alum. Grill


Correctional Intercom

Hands free

  Bullet Resistant  Model

level 1 or level 3  Bullet Resistance Rated Window Intercom



Window  Intercom 

Plug into  110 Volts AC

thru glass intercom requires a hole size of 3 to 3.5 inches with no adapter plate

larger holes require adapter plates

also available in Bullet resistant model


Ticket Window Intercom

Lithium Battery Powered

12 to 18 hours of talk time




Where Peace of Mind Begins

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