Amplified Ticket window Intercoms

Amplified Speak Thru Intercoms - Cutting of glass required

Stadium Style Box Office

Ticket window Speak thru Intercom

5 models to choose from

Deluxe Thru-Glass Two-Way Electronic Communicator

  2-way, hands-free audio communication system that provides high-quality personal communication between people

 often separated by bullet resistant or  Glass security 

This is the most widely used system of its type in the U.S. perhaps the world.

12V DC

  This is the most popular 2-way transaction intercom in the world for hands-free communication between your Agent and your customer.

Designed  for continuous-duty operation. Permits hands-free, 2-way communication between the booth attendant and the customer.

VOX  Voice Activated circuitry facilitates ongoing, clear, 2-way conversation at all times - as if the two parties were together in the same room.

Today's security and isolation booths are often the best step you can take to protect your employees.

But do they protect or help maintain your very important good will? Not if clerks and customers have to shout and   and repeat themselves to be heard or understood.

    These Talk-Thru Communicators  offer a  2-way, hands-free audio system that provides high-quality  communication between people separated by window or walls or other forms of isolation barriers.

It is the most widely used system of its type in the U.S., Perhaps the world.



Installation of the Intercom is a very simple, o All that's needed is a 3- to 4-in. cut out in the window

Four fasteners and two rubber gaskets for mounting are supplied. Specify barrier i.e. window thickness when ordering.

The front face and housing are easily mounted on opposite sides of the barrier using the fasteners.

The rubber gaskets prevent slippage and protect the barrier surface.

The electronic section is then inserted into the housing and fastened in place.



 You can select either the 115V AC model, or the 12V DC battery powered model 

Designed to allow clear audible transmission of voice requests at ticket windows, box offices and more 


 Intercom  Pricing

Standard window intercom

Call  915-240-4747

Money back guarantee if not satisfied

warranty free 1 year exchange on any defective or mal-functioning product

Made in the US



AC Model  Thru Glass Intercom without wire extension tubes 

AC Model Only  $975.00

AC intercom model  with

  2 one foot  3/8 inch satin aluminum   conduit wire extension tubes  

$ 1035.00



Intercom Lithium Powered Model

$ 995.00 plus shipping 


Optional plug in Head Set Jack   available for battery powered model $ 65.00

Non bullet Resistant adapter plates for holes  larger than 3.5" inches  $95.00

For Bullet Resistant Adapter Plate for 4 inch hole add $ 195.00

Bullet Resistant Inserts 1 plate for  level 2 protection  $ 99 each  installed

 and 2 inserts for  level 3 protection $ 195 installed



  Call 915-240-4747


Available with a 3.5 MM head set Jack for plugging  in Headset w $ 65  

 2 one foot aluminum tube extensions to conceal  power wires to AC unit  $ 60

 or  7 pin din plug in Headset Microphone  $155 plus shipping


Standard Adapter Plates:  Non Bullet Resistant

     used to Mount the intercom to glass depending on the hole size

Note  : No adapter  plate is required for holes in glass between 3 to  3.5 inches in Diameter

  Note: Non bullet resistant adapter plates are not required  for holes  that are  3'  to  3.5" inches 

non bullet resistant adapters plates are available in 4 inch 5 inch 6 inch hole  diameters  $95.00


 Bullet Resistant Adapter Plates is needed

if the hole size is 4 inches in bullet resistant glass a standard adapter  can be used can

hole sizes larger than 4 inches  in Bullet Resistant glass requires a bullet resistant adapter plates $195.00



Bullet Resistant Inserts -   center of  Intercom protection

Protects the center of the intercom and creates a bullet resistant barrier

Bullet Resistant Inserts are available with  1 plate for  level 2 protection  $ 99 each  installed

 Bullet Resistant Inserts are available with  2 inserts for  level 3 protection $ 195 installed


General Info

Note if going in a Bullet resistant window

 the window intercom unit is a  4 inch in diameter  so  if you have a 5 inch hole in Bullet resistant  glass

You  will have 1 inch  surrounding intercom  that isn't bullet resistant

Without a bullet resistant adapter plate,  that portion surrounding the intercom wont  be protected

and will require a 6 inch adapter plates  (2 plates) to provide full protection around the intercom and  to hold unit on glass



Note if you have a bullet resistant window with a 4 inch hole you can use a standard adapter plate set and only need inserts to protect the center of the intercom


Note  holes size of  3.5 to 3"  inches  you wont  need adapters plates regardless of the kind of  glass 

however  larger holes   5 inch or 6 inch  will require two  adapter plate  one inch larger than the hole size



Call  915-240-4747  



30 Day Money back guarantee just pay shipping

free 1 year exchange on any defective or mal functioning product

Made in the US






Other models of amplified intercoms


choose from 4 different Intercom models 

  Thru glass AC or lithium battery Thru glass  Intercom

 wedge countertop intercom -no Hole required

countertop master control station / thru glass window Intercom

correctional Intercoms




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