Countertop thru glass   Intercom


The DW-35  Countertop intercom which is the  Master Station /  with a thru glass Intercom  

Great for  windows with shudders or fire curtains because the

intercom extends out from glass on customer side 1/2 inch and 1.6 inches on clerks side

No other intercom is this low profile


Two-way communication is accomplished through the use of speakers and micro-phones located on each side of the partition. The Master unit is equipped with a 15" gooseneck microphone, power on/off switch, power-on LED, and external volume controls. The Remote Unit is window-mounted and may incorporate a level 3 bullet-resistive insert.


Heavy Duty Aluminum construction | Duplex Communication | Background Noise Level Monitoring | Dimensions of Master Unit: 2.8"x2.8"x8.8" | Short
Circuit Protection | Level Detection and Attenuation Control | <1% Distortion | Low Current Drain | Dynamic Noise Reduction Network | Reverse Voltage and Voltage Protection | Voice Activated Switch


The DW-35  provides electronic two-way, hands-free audio communications (duplex) between a partition. The DW-35  is equipped with a factory adjusted VOX switch to prevent ambient noise (below 85 decibels) from activating the unit. The DW-35  contains two voice channels, each incorporating a microphone amplifier, VOX switch, compressor, and a power amplifier. The sound amplifier does not exceed a 0.2% total harmonic distortion rating.
The DW35 is fully operational between 0C and 50C.


Each order comes with an AC/DC power supply(120V AC stepped down to filtered 18V DC) and a 1-year warranty.

Intercom Pricing



$1350.00 plus freight freight

Conduit $45.00

Plus ups ground freight $15 to 25 in the US

30   Money Back guarantee with

1 year free exchange on any defective product

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credit card orders add 3.5% to total including freight or pay by check

Adapter Plates:

 these adapters are  used to Mount the intercom to the hole in the  glass

Important : No adapter required for holes in glass partitions less than 3.5 inches to 3 inches  in Diameter

  Fro Bullet Resistant Glass Bullet resistant adapter plates are not required  for holes that are less than 4 inches i.e. 3.5" inches 

non bullet resistant adapters plates  are available for  4 inch holes for

holes sizes of   5 inch  or  6 Inch  diameters in Bullet resistant Glass a bullet resistant adapter is required for full protection




specify hole size and glass thickness when ordering this intercom

For Bullet Resistant Adapter Plate  are $ 195 

Standard  Non bullet Resistant Adapters for 4" $ 65  -5 inch  $ 75   or 6  inch  hole   $95



4 models to choose from

  Thru glass AC or lithium Thru glass  Intercom

 wedge countertop intercom 3

countertop/window model

correctional Intercoms



30 money back guarantee

free 1 year exchange on any defective or mal -functioning product



Call about our qty discounts

credit card orders add 2.5% to total including freight or pay by check


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