Amplified   office Intercoms

Helps Protect Your staff from exposure to the Corona Virus

Places a Barrier between  your office staff and  possibly Infected People

Great for  Hospitals and  Doctor  Offices  or anyone that wants to place a Barrier

 between office Staff  and the Public

Makes hearing your Patients and customers easy


18 inch flex Mic, made in the USA

Money back guarantee

Two Models available AC Powered or Lithium  Battery rechargeable model

Don't Make a Hard day   harder by fighting to hear your customer s

 Built strong &  designed to Last

Quality Construction

Made in the USA

Fits standard windows

Fits  Bullet  Resistant windows  -

designed with an 18 inch microphone 

or optional  plug in Head Set jack


Two-way communication is accomplished through the use of speakers and microphones located on each side of the partition.

 Intercom is Housed within a rugged  metal enclosure 

Window intercom is an electronic two-way, hands-free audio Communications device (duplex) between a glass or wall partition.  

The inside operator controls the operation by speaking into the gooseneck microphone. 

The window intercom unit automatically initiates the "listen" mode when the operator discontinues speaking into the microphone. 

Window Intercom contains two voice channels, each incorporating a microphone amplifier, VOX switch, compressor, background

noise monitor, attenuator controls, level detectors, and a bridge amplifier.

Note: The sound amplifier does not exceed a 0.2% total harmonic distortion rating.


Designed to Last with Rugged Aluminum Construction

Compact 4.0" diameter size


Important : No adapter required for holes in glass partitions less than 3.5 inches in Diameter


Various size of adapters are available 4-5-6 inches

Including  Bullet Resistant Adapters

and bullet resistant inserts plates sold as options


Design with  level 1 -  2 or 3  Bullet ratings   as an option


Bullet Resistance is  Rated Based on level  1 -2 or 3  level

 Level 1  is 9mm rated  

level 2   .357 Magnum  

 level 3 is 45 caliber  


Indicate level of glass  before ordering and thickness.

 Note: various Bullet resistant glass cannot  be cut, due to possibly being laminated,

 Acrylic and polycarbonate can be drilled out  or cut

 In some cases if a hole is already present, over tightening  the intercom can cause the glass to  crack or spider

if  various layers of the glass which are laminated

 For new installations using inch or 3/8 inch glass the hole must be cut out to no more than 3.5 inches then tempered


Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.


One year warranty built in the USA

We have had these units in use for many years with no disturbance in sound quality

With  other  similar units on the market   many of the microphones  become defective from constantly moving the mic around

  often times have to be sent in for repair, this is not the case with this unit. 

 These intercoms are available with and Optional 7 pin  plug in Microphone

  or with a 2.5mm jack for  plug in single headset   with single flip  Microphone  available  separately



Amplified  Intercoms are Designed for APPLICATIONS where hearing the customer is difficult,  

Generally due to excessive background noise, windy environments, lobby's with bad acoustics,  excessive hard surfaces like  tile, cement ,cinder block walls  or other sound transmission environments which makes hearing difficulty.

Great for box offices , walk up windows, ski resorts, ticket booths, Campus ticket offices, pharmacy  windows, Gold and silver exchange houses, Movie Theaters, Hospitals, Banks, Subways stations, Portable Ticket Booths,

loud lobby areas  and  open air environments, like ski resorts,  college campuses

where there is excessive back ground noise present .


General Information 

Thru Glass Window Intercom comes with  an 18 Inch  flex Microphone for easy communication .    

Available with a 18 microphone    or both  a 3.5MM  head set jack plug     

Bullet Resistant Adapter Plates are available as an  Option level 2 rated  per plate add up to 2 plates 

Optional : Bullet Resistant Adapter Plates are available for  both    AC or Battery Models

Available at time of order due to  being  installed before shipping

Non Bullet Resistant Adapter plates are required  for holes larger than 3.5 

which is the Max size diameter of the hole without using an  adapter plate 

Note:  with  this  intercom you  can mount unit ,in  a 3.5 hole   without  any adapter plate


 Note: if the hole in your glass is larger than  3.5  or smaller than 3 inches in   Diameter,  an adapter plate will be required

for non bullet resistant or  bullet resistant glass ,

Note: Options include  either  a bullet resistant  or a non-bullet resistant adapter plate    


 three   thru Glass Models Available   

  1)  Thru glass  AC   Model   

2) thru Glass  lithium Battery Powered  Model  

3 Bullet resistant  Intercoms in either an  AC or Lithium Battery re chargeable model



TWO Models to choose from

1) AC  Powered   Window Intercom

wall powered  intercom has as an optional  a 3/8 tube  consisting of  2 one foot satin aluminum sections 

 to conceal  the power  wires to the  intercom 


 Lithium Battery  Powered Window  Intercom

            Lithium Battery  Model  provides up to a  12 18 hour talk time  before recharge is required,

simply plug in the charger just like on your cell phone   

 optional 3.5 MM   headset  Jack installed  for  use with a single ear  flip Mic  head set  



Money back Guarantee if not  satisfied just pay shipping 

Thru Glass Amplified Window Intercom has and 18 Inch  flex Mic  on the clerk side

Optional  Head Set Jack with a 3.5mm jack installed for use with your own  headsets  (sold separately at  Best Buy or thru  Amazon    

(Many of these units have been in service for 5 or more years without any problems)

Many satisfied customers worldwide



Intercom Pricing

Money back guarantee

 1 year warranty  exchange on any defective or mal-functioning product

Made in the US

Picture  of a Lithium battery unit

AC Model  Thru Glass Intercom with wire extension tubes 

#1  AC  Powered   Window Intercom


2 one foot  3/8 inch satin aluminum  wire extension tubes  

AC Model Only  $1350.00

 quantity discount available

 Lithium Battery  rechargeable  thru Glass Intercom

#2  Lithium Battery  Powered Window  Intercom


$ 1450.00 plus shipping 


Bullet Resistant Options -Either intercom can be used on Bullet resistant glass

Optional plug in Head Set Jack   available for battery powered model $ 65.00

Non bullet Resistant adapter plates for holes  larger than 3.5" inches  $95.00

For Bullet Resistant Adapter Plate for 4 inch hole add $ 195.00

Bullet Resistant Inserts 1 plate for  level 2 protection  $ 99 each  installed

 and 2 inserts for  level 3 protection $ 195 installed



Note:  all pricing on this page is Pre paid prices 

  Call 915-240-4747


Available with a 3.5 MM head set Jack for plugging  your own  Headset w $ 65  

 2 one foot  aluminum  extensions  tubes  that  conceal the  power wires to AC unit  $ 60

 or  7 pin din plug in Headset Microphone  $155 plus shipping


Standard Adapter Plates:  Non Bullet Resistant

     used to Mount the intercom to glass depending on the hole size

Note  : No adapter  plate is required for holes in glass between 3 to  3.5 inches in Diameter

  Note: Non bullet resistant adapter plates are not required  for holes  that are  3'  to  3.5" inches 

non bullet resistant adapters plates are available in 4 inch 5 inch 6 inch hole  diameters  $95.00


 Bullet Resistant Adapter Plates is needed

if the hole size is 4 inches in bullet resistant glass a standard adapter  can be used can

hole sizes larger than 4 inches  in Bullet Resistant glass requires a bullet resistant adapter plates $195.00



Bullet Resistant Inserts -   center of  Intercom protection

Protects the center of the intercom and creates a bullet resistant barrier

Bullet Resistant Inserts are available with  1 plate for  level 2 protection  $ 99 each  installed

 Bullet Resistant Inserts are available with  2 inserts for  level 3 protection $ 195 installed


General Info regarding Bullet Resistant intercoms

Note if  the intercom going in a Bullet resistant window

 the window intercom unit is   4 inches in diameter 

so  if you have a 5 inch hole  in  Bullet resistant  glass

You  will have 1 inch  surrounding intercom  that isn't bullet resistant .therefore

 a bullet resistant adapter plate set is required  to protect   that portion surrounding the intercom which would not  be  protected

and would require a 6 inch adapter plates 

(2 plates) on each side of the  glass are required to provide full protection   and  to hold  intercom  on  the glass


Note if you have a bullet resistant window with a 4 inch hole

 you can use a standard adapter plate set and only need  bullet resistant inserts to protect the center of the intercom


Note  holes  in glass that range from   3 inches in diameter to   3.5  wont  require any adapters plates regardless of the kind of  glass 

However  holes in glass that are larger that  3.5  to   6 inch  will require  two  adapter plates

  one inch larger than the hole size

Questions Please call


Call  915-240-4747  


Quality you Can Hear

30 Day Money back guarantee just pay shipping

free 1 year exchange warranty  on any defective or mal functioning  intercom product

Made in the US

Quality you will appreciate






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Also Available

Low Profile Thru glass Window Intercom

  which protrudes one  inch  extrusion from the glass on the customers side

this model is  Designed for ticket window with Roll Down fire shutters

Other models of amplified intercoms

  4 different Intercom models  click links below

  Thru glass AC or lithium battery Thru glass  Intercom

 wedge countertop intercom -no Hole required

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