Surface Mounted Traffic SPIKES

Controls the Flow of Traffic

  Tired of people entering your property

Tired of people entering thru the exit lanes

 or entering under your lift gate 

A simple SOLUTION TO direct traffic flow

  Positive unattended one way traffic control-

Note Traffic Warning signs are also available in dual sided illuminated


Traffic control products are ideal for controlling traffic direction and speed through a controlled entry location.

Traffic spikes prevent vehicles from proceeding through a traffic lane in the wrong direction

spikes  enforce one-way traffic lanes.

Prevent vehicles from entering thru slow closing exit gates

Great went used for gated communities

use a gate for entrance and unattended traffic spikes for exit points

Facts: there are several Models  of traffic spikes panels

 1) surface mounted 3 foot panels as show above available in latch down and non latch model

  2)surface mounted 3 foot panels with standard or   heavy duty ramp plates

 from 1/4" TO 3/8"   thick -for heavy axel loads

options included: Zinc Coating for beach areas or extremely salty wet areas 

In Ground Models Flus Mounted Tire Road spikes

These units are available in 3 and 6 ft sections-

 In ground  or flush mounted models

available in a latch down or non   latch model

which  requires trenching of asphalt or concrete

Theses units are available in 3 foot or 6 foot sections

(note freight on  6ft. units is much higher)

 these Units are available with a  1/4" standard 3/8 "  or 1/2  super heavy duty top plate

 for extremely  heavy loads 30,000lbs loads per axel - i.e.  semi trucks  military vehicles etc. available on DC Models Only


Optional  Latch Down Teeth Models available

 NOTE: the latch down option-allows you to place teeth in a down position at will to allow Bi directional traffic flow as needed


 In ground flush mounted-latch down MODELS are  available in 3 foot  length or  a 6 foot length

 also the in ground units are  available with a 1/4 "  3/8 "HD    top plate for heavy loads semi trucks etc.

Features you should know about when it comes to traffic spike

Designed to last several lifetimes when  properly maintained

Designed from 1/4" steel plate and will carry axel loads of  CARS or personal operational vehicles  

these units are designed and recommended for personal operational vehicles facilities

in dry climates a periodic vacuuming of dirt and debris will extend the life 


Available in a Latch Down Model locks the teeth in the down position - for Bi Directional use:

Latch Down Feature: (optional)

For locations where it is desired to occasionally deactivate the controller, the module can be supplied with a Latch down option.

This locks down the teeth in a down position allowing free flow of traffic in both directions. the use of a 3/16 Alan wrench is all that is needed

Using the unique key only a few seconds per module is required to lock and unlock the teeth position.


Easy Attachment:

A 2 part epoxy cement is all required to attach the modules to concrete or asphalt driveways.

2 part epoxy  is available with an applicator dispenser  as well as a two part glue

ADDITIONALLY MOUNTING HOLES (6 per 3 ft panel)   are optional as you can use  fasteners to secure in concrete





 Special Save  now 1/4" Ramp non Latch Teeth 3 foot section Regular Price $ 650 on sale for $ 575 each 5 plus $ 550 and 6 plus $525 each plus freight

 Special Save  now 1/4" Ramp   Latch Down  Teeth 3 foot section Regular Price $ 750 on sale for $ 675 each 5 plus $ 650 and 6 plus $625 each plus freight

Call today  and let me  give you a price  for delivery

Requires shipment on a Pallet up to 8 units

We can supply Everything you need to simply install yourself

Mount kits are  $ 85 per 3 foot  panel

includes Mounting Hardware, bolts Drill Bit  ,two part adhesive special mounting bolts for asphalt or Cement and a loaner dispenser gun

all you supply is the man power 2 people

broom, blower  extension cord and a hammer drill

 Stops Unwanted Traffic Fast in there Tracks




Where Peace of Mind Begins

Motorized Traffic Spikes


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