Who to Search , that is the Question -Well Not any More


  Random Search Selectors  

  A Security Directors Dream !

 What Corporate America Needs for

Exit Screening

Random Drug Testing

Loss Prevention & More

Who To Search  

 Just What Corporate America Needs


Several Model Configurations  available

 Wall Mount - Pedestal Mount With Walk over activation - Desk Mount - Drive up Activation





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   This is the Affordable solution to a difficult problem

"Selecting Who you Search"

Avoid the headache of allowing some security guard to select who to search

Dont be Held liable for searching individuals for weapon or for company property on ones person

 the process of Who To Search,  is no longer a choice

its left up to the selectors  artificial intelligence

 A simple Solution to a Difficult problem-  choosing Who to search ?



The Important Element in any Search

 To Remove the human element

These selectors Provide a  non discriminatory method  of Selection


A  "Green Pass Light"  which will light up as one steps over the activation pressure matt through security, indicated by a short tone

  Red lights  sounds a longer alert indicating to search the  party passing 



Features a  Built in traffic  Counter

 easily  to see how many individuals are crossing the selector in a day or week, or a month etc

 Easily adjust the desired percentage of People you want to search 

Allows you to set the percentage  from 1 to 100 percent

counts the number of people entering, this way you can determine what percentage you want to select for searches


Used By

   Power Plants, Distribution centers, Manufacturing  Facilities, warehouses, and cctv supply houses, beauty supply distribution centers,
Restaurant Supply Distribution Centers ,
GOLD MINES , diamond Mines   JEWELRY Manufacturers, computer manufacturers and Security  Products Manufacturers  , Eye Wear Manufactures   Energy Companies , and a variety of manufactures of  Consumer products Distribution Centers


 Benefits of a Search Selector

Added Safety from Preventing Weapons from entering your facility

Added Ease at Security Check Points for the Selection Process of Who to Search


This Products is Free From Human Choice

Help Reduce Losses due to internal Theft

Random Searches Are Proven to Deter Theft 

Helps  Prevent people from  Bringing Weapons into the work place

Only choose the number of searches your staff has time to handle my simply adjusting the percentage

Everyone has the same chance of getting selected 


Why a Selector

DESIGNED TO TAKE the burden of selecting people to be searched, away from the choice of any one individual,

Free  your security staff from making judgment Calls

Eliminate employees from  harboring  resentment towards the screeners or Security



Who could Benefit 

Anyone who deals with or manufactures  CONSUMER PRODUCTS - ELECTRONICS- Etc



Fact Many people will take items that are easy to conceal

Consider the cost of what  your facility looses  due to Losses over a period of a year  

 This product is a deterrent that can lower your liabilities while  protecting your assets 

Over time this Screening Device Pays for itself


Avoid Legal Hassles 

Avoid  discrimination law suits  from Disgruntled Employees who feel they are being singled out

 Protect yourself from allegations of discrimination



Take the first step and let Computer intelligence Choose who you Screen when doing


Drug Screening

Loss Prevention

  Weapon deterrence in Your facility

Exit Screening to reduce the loss of  company property

  Doing vehicle searches  




3 Basic Models



 #1Wall Model with or without pressure matt

 #1Wall Model with with pressure matt

Wall Mount Note: this unit is always in active mode -large red light is always illuminated 

Designed for Indoor Use

The indoor selector comes with a  rubber floor mat, WHICH Covers OR LAYS ON TOP OF a (6"x 24") pressure sensitive mat.

The Indoor Random Search Selector has a sleek design and is supported by a black metal telescopic tubular pedestal,

 which conceals the wires within the tubular structure, FOR A CLEAN APPEARANCE. 

 This search selector will indicate the number of passes and the number of searches at any given point in time

with unseen activation push buttons, a key is required to make any changes



This counter is re-settable


Red Light  and Green lights

 indicate a pass and a search scenario with audible alerts for each

The Large RED Button as well as the Red Panel section of the selector will  flash in a "SEARCH" situation  as one passes indicated by a longer tone sound

  so there is no delay and the next individual can pass immediately



 This unit is easy to use and easy to program for any application and easy to operate.

Powered by a 12 volt transformer, with a wide array of international connectors

 the unit is designed to give you trouble free performance.

The unit comes with a 1 or 2-year warranty 


The newest Random Selector  is designed to be used at employee exit points, and will select at random members of the workforce to be searched.

This Products will constantly provide the maximum deterrent effect to potential thieves without the cost and inconvenience of stopping everyone.

This Unit offers reliable, operation as well as works  totally unbiased, providing the cornerstone to an effective search policy

eliminating claims of prejudice, victimization or discrimination.

Selectors will provide your company a  deterrent to  would be thieves  without undue imposition on your honest employees

 Random selection is guaranteed to be totally unpredictable.

Built in search and pass counters count number of passes and number of searches




 #2  TELESCOPIC FLOOR STAND INDOOR with pressure matt

The indoor selector comes with a  rubber floor mat, which LAYS ON TOP OF a (6"x 24") pressure sensitive matt plugged into the selector

Indoor Pedestal Mounted with Pressure Matt

Works with activation of Push Button on Face as Well

With a pass scenario the Green Pass Indicator stays lit till the next activation


 #3Desk Top Model without pressure matt

 #3Desk Top Model with  pressure matt

Desk top Models for easy access-

Selector Can be held in the guard hut and a remote activation station can be installed out side

For walk up or drive up Traffic


 #4a Drive Up Remote Activation Station with Gooseneck pedestal

 #4b  Walk Up Remote wall mounted Activation Station


Rent a  Random Selector -Try Before you Buy

Wall mounted unit Available for  $ 195 per month 

plus shipping approx $ 35


  With Telescopic Stand and Pressure matt  $  295.00 per Month 

plus shipping approx $ 95


  With  telescopic Stand  only $  275.00 per Month 

plus shipping approx $ 95

(customer responsible for any damage and return freight in special  box provided)


Remote activation



Remote activation Station  may be attached to any of the selectors

a remote extension which works  off the main selector  itself,  illuminates with a green or red light  for a pass or a search  and sounds an buzzer the individual hears

 This unit can Be wall mounted or mounted to  Pedestal for drive up applications


  Who to Search Made Easy

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