Traffic  SPIKES -Road Spikes

above Ground and in Ground spike panels

Are You Tired of people entering your property

Tired of people entering thru your Gate exit lanes

Tired of  unwanted visitors & people cutting thru your property ?


A simple SOLUTION TO direct traffic flow

  Positive unattended one way traffic control-

Note Traffic Warning signs are also available in dual sided illuminated


Traffic control products are ideal for controlling traffic direction and speed through a controlled entry location.

Traffic spikes prevent vehicles from proceeding through a traffic lane in the wrong direction

spikes  enforce one-way traffic lanes.

Prevent vehicles from entering thru slow closing exit gates

Great went used for gated communities

use a gate for entrance and unattended traffic spikes for exit points

Surface Mounted Traffic Spikes

Almost everything you need to know about traffic Spikes

Facts: there are several Models  of traffic spikes panels

Surface mounted 3 foot panels as show above available in latch down and non latch model

  2)surface mounted 3 foot panels with  heavy duty ramps from   3/8"  Ramps to 1/2 inch thick

 and  1/4" -3/8" 1/2" thick top plates for in Ground Models  (flush Mounted Models Designed for Much heavier axel loads

Standard 1/4 panels starting at $ 650

Standard 3/8 panels starting at $ 750

buy 6 plus units and  save $ 45 off  each panel  plus freight and pallet fee $ 20



 Flush Mounted In-ground  Mounted Traffic Spikes

Standard 1/4 panels starting at $ 650

Standard 3/8 panels starting at $ 750

buy 6 plus units and  save $ 45 off  each panel  plus freight and pallet fee $ 20


In Ground Models-These units are available in 3 

 In ground  or flush mounted models

available in a latch down or non   latch model

which  requires trenching of asphalt or concrete

Theses units are available in 3 foot or 6 foot sections

(note freight on  6ft. units is much higher)

 these Units are available with a  1/4" standard 3/8 "  or 1/2  super heavy duty top plate

 for extremely  heavy loads 30,000lbs loads per axel - i.e.  semi trucks  military vehicles etc. available on DC Models Only


Why consider the Latch Down  teeth Option which allows you to lock the teeth in the down position

which will to allow Bi directional traffic flow as needed

 In ground flush mounted-latch down MODELS are  available in 3 foot  length or  a 6 foot length

 also the (in -ground units ) are  available with a 1/4 "  3/8 "HD  or 1/2" HD top plate for heavy loads semi trucks etc.

 also the (above ground units ) are  available with a 1/4 "  3/8 "HD  Ramps for heavy loads semi trucks etc.


Features you should know about when it comes to traffic spike

Designed to last several lifetimes when  properly maintained

Designed from 1/4" steel plate and will carry axel loads of  CARS or personal operational vehicles  

these units are designed and recommended for personal operational vehicles facilities

in dry climates a periodic vacuuming of dirt and debris will extend the life 


Available in a Latch Down Model locks the teeth in the down position - for Bi Directional use:

Latch Down Feature: (optional)

For locations where it is desired to occasionally deactivate the controller, the module can be supplied with a Latch down option.

This locks down the teeth in a down position allowing free flow of traffic in both directions. the use of a 3/16 Alan wrench is all that is needed

Using the unique key only a few seconds per module is required to lock and unlock the teeth position.


Easy Attachment:

A 2 part epoxy cement is all required to attach the modules to concrete or asphalt driveways.

2 part epoxy  is available with an applicator dispenser  as well as a two part glue

ADDITIONALLY MOUNTING HOLES (6 per 3 ft panel)   are optional as you can use  fasteners to secure in concrete



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Motorized Traffic Spikes


  Motorized Traffic Spikes  available in several models available

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