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The first Detector of Its Kind - Intelligent  Weapon Screening Metal Detection

No need to remove jewelry or cell Phone to detect weapons

Just Imagine Screen employees as they enter  your Facility

without having to remove there personal possessions, i.e. keys, watch, glasses, Cell Phones etc

 Personal items that would commonly alarm any standard metal detector .


The Secure Weapon Gate is a one of a kind metal detector with dual detection modes (Gun mode & Metal Mode). 

 It will ignore non-threatening metal such as cell phones and keys and detect larger objects such as a gun, knife

The Secure Weapon Gate was created to allow quicker security check point screening

  because it is not necessary for everyone to empty their pockets

With Dual detection mode (Gun Mode & Metal Mode)

Selective detection of guns and sizable metal holders Speeds up the Search Process at Exit check points

Ignores  non-threat metal objects

Out performs detectors selling for twice the price $$

 Gun Mode

  Gun Mode allows the unit to Distinguishes between weaponry and Plain metal objects 

Great for Plants that Want to establish a Exit Screening Policy and

Quickly check to see if employees are leaving with tools Or company items

this Means People don't have to take there belts off or drop  there keys in a basket  or remove there eye glasses


ADA Compliant

Wide passage with 850mm width enables wheelchairs and baby carriages to pass though

wont detect general metal objects such as mobile phones, metal belts, metal accessories, key chains, coins,

or even a beverage cans.


Great for Security applications at Bars and Night clubs where safety is everyone's concern

 Great for Checking Employees at  Exit Screening Check Points before departing Work

Great for Scanning Hundreds of students as they enter Schools- Everyone's Big concern these days is school safety

Great for Manufacturing facilities -factories- court houses and airports and scanning folks at outdoor events

like air shows, music concerts-sporting events-baseball games football games and more

This is  an Intelligent Scanner which Scans  for Density 

 Designed to Detects small or large metals which can be used as weapons

optional addition

2 camera DVR System with 2 terabyte hard drive turbo

CCTV Integration For Surveillance  incident Review Footage

Searches and records the image of the person who possesses weaponry and passes the detection system

this information can be stored for later review or criminal prosecution

The system displays the captured images from the camera to a monitor  this works as a great deterrent

When People Know the incident is recorded and they face possible prosecution in many cases this is a great  psychologically deterrent helping to reduce  possible crimes and prevent the possibility of Theft

 CCTV Integration

 Optional: not included with price of detector

The system displays the captured images from the camera to a monitor so that the person could be psychologically oppressed, and possible crimes could be prevented.

A single cable connecting the detector and DVR sends counter, video signals, and etc. for greater convenience

No need for separate camera installation and no restriction for the location of the camera installation

There are many different types of metal detectors in the market. 

Most Walk-through Metal Detectors use the same basic technology of detecting metals using an electro magnetic signal

Power AC 110/220V, 50/60Hz, 1.0A
Power Consumption 45W
Activated Program Dual mode (Gun mode/ Metal mode)
Passage Speed 60 People / 1 minute
Operating Temperature -17 C ~ 50 C
Operating Humidity 95%
Material ABS material
Integral Type Camera attached to the detector
Certification FCC, UL. CE, EMC, GSA, SABS

Pricing-Unlike any detector on the market worldwide

Affordable at Just $ 7500 detector alone  plus shipping

2 channel DVR with 2 cameras and motion activation 

 Delivered in the United States not including Alaska or Hawaii

international brokerage fees are not included


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