Who to Search , that is the Question -Well Not any More


The Portable   Random Search  Selector

 BATTERY Operated or  works with an optional ac  plug    


Where The World Can Find  the solution to conducting easy  Searches

This is the latest addition in our line of  Random Search Selectors. 

Designed as a 'stand alone' self contained portable unit that is ready to go 'out of the box', simply set the desired percentage "SEARCH  RATIO", plug in  3 AA batteries and it's ready for use. 

The unit can also be permanently installed by fixing to a WALL or DESK surface.


 Ideal for use in a "stop and search" theft prevention programs

GREAT FOR RANDOM alcohol or drug screening selection

  HELPS eliminate losses from employee theft

Designed for use at warehouses, shops and factories or any location where random searches are a requirement for safety.

How it works

Everyone passing through the control point pushes the button A " RED LIGHT"  and high tone indicate that you have been selected


A GREEN LIGHT and a low tone indicates that you have not been selected on this occasion.

If you know you could be stopped, chances are you won't steal- which makes for a GREAT DETERRENT!


Operates on   (3 x 'AA') batteries for operation

Clear indication of SEARCH and PASS with daylight visible lights and audible tones

Portable or fixed installation.

Desk mount, wall mount or hand held

Large 2 inch pushbutton

Search percentage ratio adjustable by internal switches

Search settings from 0 to 100% in 0.5% steps

Random selection is guaranteed to be totally random.



The Selector is supplied  with a self adhesive vinyl decal, wall Mounting hardware and instructions. 


The main differences between the indoor unit and the portable

 The portable unit   has a much lower sounding tone,

The person basically has to walk up to the unit in order for it to be heard.

This portable unit is adjustable by setting the dip switches located inside,  

Works with 3 AA batteries

The unit is harder to adjust, and does not adjust in 1 percent increments, like the indoor unit

The Portable does not have a traffic counter, which you have by simply pressing the red and green small buttons on the indoor unit,

 this will tell you the number of searches and the number of passes for any given time period.


The affordable solution to Random Searches


 Just What Corporate America Needs

A simple Solution to a difficult problem Who to Search

Search Selectors a Simple Solution to a Difficult PROBLEM

Who to Search?


The affordable solution to Random Searches


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Wall mounted unit Available for  $ 195 per month

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