Portable Traffic Spikes !!

The Rapid Deployment  Portable Spike Barrier is the ultimate answer for rapid roadblock response with minimum manpower. This innovative roadblock is a compact, lightweight, and fully portable device that takes only 20 seconds for out-of-the-box deployment. When needed for high-speed, single person ambush use, the Portable Spike Barrier can be positioned in as little as 5 seconds. Very steady and stable on any ground, the self-release mechanism on each of the RD-01s hollow spikes remain embedded in the tires they puncture, deflating them in less than 4 seconds.

The unit stops vehicles with equal efficiency no matter what speed or angle they are traveling, and it does so in a manner that is safe to use with no danger to passengers or damage to the vehicles.

Highly cost effective with no maintenance required.

Made of the highest quality materials, all elements of the RD-01 are treated for corrosion resistance.

After each use, the hollow spikes can be easily replaced.  Call For Pricing 915-240-4747



The Portable Way To Immobilize Vehicles

Stops  all forms of motorized vehicles can be set up and operational in  minutes

Applications: include



The external battery charger is used to charge the 12-volt battery, which is the power source of the motor drive unit which measures

Height: 7 inches.

Width: 10 inches.

Length: 25 inches

. It is connected via the external battery charger connection point. The required

mains supply to the charger is 100 volts to 240-volts min / max

Empowering  Law Enforcement Officers and Military  Worldwide.

This Product is Used permanently at  some border crossings, temporarily to enforce vehicle checkpoints as well as  deployed tactically to support some military operations, This Products is  the last word in portable vehicle immobilization. Enforcement officers are capable of selectively immobilizing a targeted vehicle in the safest  possible way.

The visibility of the product alone acts as a great  deterrence  he performance, durability, reliability and operational life-span of our products prove to make  this  systems  a valuable asset  for many law enforcement  operations.

There are two  product to choose from    Mobile,   Military and   Permanent.

You can learn more about how an entire highway can be secured within   minutes.

 Self sealing tires are capable of repairing small punctures up to 3/16th of an inch, However these  blades  slash a minimum of two deep, long cuts deep into the tire  - far greater that self sealing tires are capable of handling

The radio operating system  is a 'Dual Conversational Code Hopping when the authorized signal is transmitted to the  receiver, the receiver transmits a signal back to the hand unit which, in turn, returns the signal re-coded  This random re-coding has  in excess of 16 million combinations.

Extremely fast response time From WAY CLEAR  to ROAD BLOCKED  in less than 1  second.
using a remote control

These  specially designed blades ensure that all tires are destroyed immediately

 Occasionally, the blades will become damaged through heavy use or incidents where the blades come into contact with, for example, a poorly fitted exhaust system  Each blade can be removed and replaced using a simple two screw  fastener.

The replacement of a blade can be achieved in minutes.

Can be used on uneven surfaces due to built in camber compensation.

Manual and remote control option.

Standard system gives you a  span of 5 meters  or 15 feet

a 20 meter a width of over 65 feet is  possible with the simple addition of  panels.

 if impacted while the vehicle is skidding the panels will move into a natural curve at impact ,however  each corner of each pad impacts with its neighboring pad , thus absorbing the shock of the vehicles impact. The radius of the wheels fitted to the panel keep it  firmly flush  on the ground. The unit is fully functional and fully effective in this state.


Pad Dimensions:


Height: 3 inches.

Width: 10 inches.

Length: 16 inches.

Blade Pitch: 2 1/2 inches (Blade to Blade).


Can be used on uneven surfaces due to built in camber compensation.

low maintenance  requirements simply  hose washed occasionally to eliminate the build up of debris

Simple two screw per blade replacement system.  

Heavy duty battery gives approximately 200 operations per charge.

Secure radio signal for remote control at over 80 meters.


Extra heavy duty pads ensure even the widest Tires are Punctured.

 This Products is currently Used at Some border crossings with a traffic flow of over 14 million vehicles each year.

This  products are virtually indestructible and proves to be a valuable asset to many organizations

Blade shaft: Stainless Steel.

Male & Female couplings: Stainless Steel.

Outer made from 1st use 80  hardness high grade rubber. Pads can be made in any color using a full depth mix.

Blade carriers: Case hardened, flashed and Chromed steel.

Blades located to blade carrier using two M4 stainless steel screws in multiple teeth mesh.






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Security Product's Unlimited

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