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Terms and conditions of sale or rental :

Note: all Credit card billing will reflect on your bill as Security Products Unlimited

Security Products Unlimited, requests that you review your invoice for accuracy and completeness. if you have questions please call 915-240-4747 immediately

By placing an order by phone or over the Internet, via purchase order, or online shopping cart, pay pal, or  via email, US Postal Service or Wire Transfer etc. Customer agrees to said terms and conditions. 

Customer additionally agrees to have read and accepted all terms as they are stated under our terms and condition.

We assume no liability for omissions or fitness for any application. All pricing is subject to change without notice.

Return Policy: Money back Guarantee, means that some products can be returned within 15 days , with the  exception of any custom orders. After that time the product is non refundable and non returnable  and must be paid for in full  regardless of the type of instrument  used to make the purchase,  i.e..  purchase order, purchase requisition, credit card , check or any other form of payment or agreement to pay  for the said product.

Products must be returned in the same packaging as  they were  shipped in  or  as received. Products must be in same condition as when shipped from the factory. Furthermore  it is the responsibility of the customer to check product packaging  for any visible  damages  to the container ,packaging  or crate  and photograph  and inspect product upon delivery. All claims will be processed thru the carrier.

It  is the full responsibility of the customer to inspect any product  upon arrival  to ensure it’s  the right product  as well as check for any  signs of physical  damages that may have occurred in transit , additionally it is  the responsibility of the customer to inspect the products functionality for their  specific application,  check for dents, scratches, defects, broken parts, missing parts, instruction manuals  and check the  operability and suitability of the product prior to installation, additionally  it is the responsibility of the customer to check the  product packaging  for  any signs of visible  damages  to the container or packaging and or crate  and  immediately  upon arrival photograph  and inspect the  product  and immediately notifying us  if  something is found to be  defect missing  or incorrect.

Any product that has been installed is not eligible for exchange or return.   

We cannot accept any product returns on any products that has been installed regardless of its failure to be the incorrect model or  meet  the expectations and suitability for any application.

We offer a 15 day money back guarantee on most products, in the event a  trial period is required we must agree to a  specified time frame for review which must be noted on the quotation as well as the  invoice., The trial period will not exceed in 2 weeks regardless of the type of products ordered . Please keep in mind that we do not allow returns on products that can be used for testing purposes or any type of counter surveillance work or products that are custom orders or specially made designed or painted  or products that can be used for a specific one time  purpose or application, as well as items that may be used to address a temporary security concern.

 No freight charges will be refunded on any return, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to pay the freight charges to and from their location.

Some orders will be charged a 20% restocking fee depending on the manufacturers policy, this is a standard policy with most major distribution centers, which covers  handling and process fees crate fees . Additionally freight charges will be deducted from any return  or shipped orders, it is the responsibility of the customer to arrange shipment returns, thru us  by getting  a return authorization before any product is  returned  or  shipped back to it point of origin. We will provide the return address  for return with the roper  RMA number which must be attached to  the return label.

Please call before ordering, any products if you’re not clear on the return  policy  for  any specific product.  All products must be returned in the same packaging and condition as when shipped. No exceptions. Loaner products must be returned in same as  New Condition. or  they will be charged to the customer at the Price listed. damage to loaner products will be at the the cost to repair or the cost to replace, this will be the customers responsibility if damaged.

Note Web site may contain pictures or descriptions of products or parts that may no longer be available or that may have  been discontinued ,modified or are  in very  limited supply to out of stock with no replacement. 

 If a product is to be  returned, buyer  must call and get a Return Authorization Number  #  before we can accept any returned product sent back  to us or the distribution center from which it was shipped. Note some products ship  from  different regions of the United States, so freight charges could dramatically vary.

Indemnification: You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Security Products Unlimited, its officers, agents, directors, employees, agents, affiliates, licensors, suppliers and any third party information providers to the Site from and against all losses, expenses, damages and costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, resulting from any violation of these Terms by you.

 Under no circumstance's shall Security Products Unlimited, be responsible for, incidental or consequential damages with respect to economic loss or injury to persons or property, arising out of use or careless handling of any product or the inability to use the product purchased, whether as a result of breach or express or implied warranty, negligence or otherwise. Purchaser shall determine the suitability of the product for his own intended use and user assumes all risks and liability what so ever in connection therewith.

Purchaser shall be responsible for checking, country, state and local laws before purchasing some  products

 All recommendations and sales are made on condition that we will not be held liable for determining fitness for any application or possible damages resulting from their use.

Warranty on Products:

 In some cases a Product warranty  is void from any warranty if the manufacture seal is broken or damaged, or missing. No product returns will be accepted in the event a product warranty seal is broken, and no credit will be applied to buyers account. Warranties vary from manufacturer and some items may have only certain parts warranted against defects

The Seller only guarantees that each product listed conforms to its standard quality, and provides the Manufactures warranty.  

Any Products that is found to be defective after the customer has had the product for more than 30 days must return the product to the manufacturer for an exchange or refund depending on what there policy is, we have no control over defects or defective products ,  however they are covered by the manufacturer of the products and therefore should be worked out with the company that makes the products. We  can and will assist you in any way possible in order to help you get your problem resolved, however it is your responsibility to check the status and operation of the products as soon as it is received in order to assure it is as expected and functional as well as ensure its operability is as expected.

Loaner units: note if a loaner product is sent out for review the trial period is 15 days and the customer agrees to return the product directly to us in the dame condition as when shipped after the 15 day trial period, note if the product is sent out to customer as a   substitution  or for product review or   demonstration  purposes  the trial period of 15 days may be increased by calling us,   however after that date a rental fee will be charged, and the customer can elect to purchase the product outright,  also  the customer agrees to pay for  any freight  charges to and from customer location and in some cases ship the product  to a different customer who may also be waiting a chance to evaluate the product , customer agrees to  return or forward the product is the same condition as when shipped to them .  note: the rental fee is normally  around 1/3 of the retail price of the product quoted. depending on the number of units ordered the price may be lower .

terms: all prices quoted are pre paid pricing . we add 10% to 15% additional for terms of net 30 depending on the product , depending on various customer needs we can sometimes accomidate

Rental Equipment:

Customer may rent the necessary equipment  from us to install the products sold or purchased thru our company. It is the renters responsibility to return the products in the same condition and packaging as received.  Customer will be responsible for  damage to the equipment even if not at fault. Customer assumes Sole liability for any and all liability issues that may result from the use of this equipment including injury Customer is responsible for loss ,stolen equipment or damage regardless of cause. Customer agrees to return the equipment to the same location as picked up at. Customer understands that they have received  the appropriate information regarding the operation and use of the equipment. Customer agrees to use the correct  fuel  type in what ever items they may be using. Customer understands that all  equipment is water resistant and not water proof. Customer agrees and acknowledges that they fully understand the operation and how to use the equipment  in a safe manner. The rental of equipment is based on a 24 hour period from the time it is accepted  or picked up by  the renter to the time it is returned.   Equipment rented must be checked prior to using it to ensure that it is operational , a deposit may be required on some items, and  when returned in the same working condition as picked up in  the deposit  will be refunded. Most  Items are rented on a  24 hour or daily basis however in some cases  may require a weekly basis  or however long  required, Generators, tools, Trailers, Sump Pumps and Pressure sprayers, drill  hammers, chip hammers epoxy dispenser guns  are  based on a 24 hour  rental period  which constitutes a one day rental fee, due an payable on return  only after the item is  inspected and  found to be in the same operational conditional as when  picked up . All rentals are  charged accordingly, it is considered a daily rental even if the renter doesn't use the product  or a products is carried forward thru the weekend, as Sundays do apply and  each 24 hour period constitutes a  billable day , regardless of  any unforeseen or  adverse weather condition which may arise unexpectedly or for no cause to include instances where  facilities are not open,  or  unforeseen circumstance  like no power source, where the products rented may not be used , or  for any other  reason out of our control.  Customer  realize that they are  financially responsible for any  Damage to equipment and its there  responsibility  to pay for any required  repairs or replacements , in order to bring the item back back  to its  original condition.  It is the responsibility of the person renting  any item to return the item on time or an additional day will be charged and  in the event the item will be late a  phone  advising us  of a delay would be required.  The following shall  be admissible as evidence of negligence and breach of contract in an law suit or arbitrations: 1} that the driver of any trailer was texting  or using any mobile phone device other than hands free or on an emergency call while driving. I acknowledge that i have received and agree to the terns and conditions of this rental contract addendum.


Referral  and Finder Fees :  Security Products Unlimited agrees  to  assist customers in  finding contractors,  either General ,Specialized Contractors or Sub contractors  as needed  that are qualified and  suited to do  various kinds of  Jobs.  The contractors have to be Security Bond and be licensed Professionals.  The contractor we refer to any  of our  clients job sites  agrees to not compete directly  with us on providing  prices on any kind of  similar  equipment  that we may be selling  or any kind of  materials  that may be needed  to install  various  products that we sell  or would be quoting  to our clients.. The Contractor agrees to only  supply labor prices to us  and in certain cases directly  to the client  or there agent  upon our approval ,  at which time we will  negotiate  verbally a good faith agreement  as to what our  percentage or specific  dollar amount   would  be  for finding the contractor  for the job.  Due to the nature of this work, we may  at times need the contractor to quote our customer directly an  bill  them directly  or  supply  a quote to there  agent   pricing  for the  labor  or installation work for that  job, providing  an itemized materials   needed  list  to successfully  complete the  job .  The Contractor  agrees to not  advise any  3rd parties  any  information supplied to them from us or  thru a third party  or relate  who the  customer is to any other supplier or contractor, any information such as   there   address ,any  contacts , any buyers  names  or  ay knowledge about  the  type of  job or  products the customer may be considering  for purchase, or that we may be, installing or quoting. Contractors  Agrees not to  supply the  customer with any Same or Similar products  directly or thought  any 3rd party supplier

Example : of the  kinds of  items we sell  may include additional work  from various kinds of contractors include paving work , laser leveled concrete , installation of  transaction windows, lift arm gates, roll gates ,barriers, bollards, cabling, networking products , cement and asphalt  work , sheet rock work ,electrical work, roofing work ,bullet resistant sheet rock work, painting and finish work, lighting, flooring or anything  that can be associated with  the installation of certain kinds of   products to include  traffic control products , bollards , traffic spikes , installation of  bullet resistant  window , window  intercoms  replacement walls re- enforced walls, re enforced counter tops, floor safe installation, wiring, electrical work,  installation or demolition of existing or new walls , removal of counter tops windows cutting of  marble, fiberglass drop in deal trays and  shelf's, or   installation  of pass thru windows or specialized cutting of  glazing materials  

Contractor understands and agree  that these job referrals to them  are confidential and contractor agrees to provide estimates  to us with a  percentage or fixed dollar amount built in as our  finders fee or a  percentage if contractor is awarded the job . Fees can be a percentage of the labor charged or  quoted ,and  in some cases may be a percentage of the actual labor plus materials depending on whether  we supply any specialized  items parts ,tools ,supplies  or materials needed . Our minimum charge for   subcontractors receiving these referrals is  10% of the total bill  labor, plus time at $ 45 per hour , if the contractors  requires  us to visit the job site, plus fuel ,travel, meals, hotel accommodations if required as well as and miscellaneous charges. Should we  need to do a site survey,  or if time and  travel is involved  in getting to the site or we need to be present  with the contractor in order to do the evaluation or estimate of the job at their specified location.

Additional charges: We add  up charges  for any  added assistance that may be required . Additional prices may include travel, meals  hotels, freight of equipment,  time to a specific job  site or the need to  supply additional parts that may result in   unforeseen expenses. We reserve the right to ask the contractor to add in any additional dollar amount above the  finders fees in these cases.

Billing : We reserve the right to allow the contractor to bill the customer directly,  in the event that its the customers preference, if the contractor will be responsible for maintaining the installation and the performance of the equipment .The contactor is aware that any future problems that may arise  will be there sole  responsibility and the contractor agrees to expeditiously  fix or repair and  correct any  future issues that may arise in the future.  Additionally the contactor may collect  there fees directly  from the customers, as well as any   deposits for materials  if required, before starting the job. The contractor will provide us a copy of the estimate and  any additional charges that may be required  and clearly  state the warranty on there estimate and bill.


  • Credit Card orders: Note All credit card orders add 3.5% to the total including freight for credit card processing fees or pay by check

    Charge backs on credit cards: 

    customer is responsible for return freight charges if not satisfied with the products

    Purchase orders will need to be approved prior to us accepting  any purchase  order  as a legitimate agreement to purchase any product . We reserve the right to require  a deposit as well as any remaining balance including freight  to be paid  prior to shipping. Custom orders may require a deposit even when a purchase order is submitted to make a purchase , regardless of who the purchasing entity is. We reserve the right to validate and confirm all information provided and may refuse any purchase order upon our discretion, we may require a D&B Report or credit worthiness report which will be at the customers expense and if necessary may   require  a deposit  prior to the  production of any custom product . Some items will not be returnable or refundable due to the size , color, design,  makeup.

    All  orders as well as  any credit card processed  will be subject to    a  20% restocking fee on any product eligible for a  return.

    Customer agrees to be responsible for payments if denied or rejected by any credit card company.


    All accounts with a balance over our terms of NET 30 Days  or  upon receipt   from the date shipped to customer , will be billed a  late fee of $35 on any balance over $ 150  and $ 35 dollars charged  for each subsequent  month the balance remains unpaid, at 90 days additional fees for  attorney fees, filing fees  delivery charges and delivery of certified mail to included  process service to the customer  as well as  any other  costs  will become part of the unpaid balance owed by customer. Security Products Unlimited,    reserves the right to consider any  purchase whether  verbal or otherwise  a binding contract regardless of the customer failure  to notify us of any unforeseen problem  with the products  parts or any defective item , or defective part  to include a  wrong part or wrong product  that may have shipped  as long as the   product  or parts are  accepted by the customer ,  All Sales are final after 15 days of receipt  whether we are notified or not or as long as the items have  not  been returned to us within 15 days after receiving the order , additionally  any  items  shipped is then considered a final sale and is not refundable or returnable , if we are not notified within 15 days from delivery date of acceptance  and the  balance is then  considered owed and binding, Note:   if terms agreed to by us as a convenience to the customer are exceeded   by the customers regardless of cause or reason regardless of  written on invoice  or verbal  over the phone  or a signed  agreements on an invoice or  purchase order  or other instrument  then the sales is considered a binding contact , and customer agrees to pay for any requested product or parts they  requested that we ship to them even from a 3rd party or directly, and all such sales are then considered                                  purchased by said  customer.

    For  Balances over 90 days the percentage rate will be  21.9 % percentage rate  and is considered   DELINQUENT , and special offers for extended terms or  , discounts or  any kind of concessions will be waived if the terms of  60 or 90 days are exceeded for any reason.

    Late fees for rental equipment will be $25  per day if  credit card is declined or customer fails to make payment upon return of equipment

    at 90 days any balance will be submitted to a  law firm for collection, where if necessary , liens may be file against property until paid in full

    Note: Customers agrees to pay all attorneys fees , court cost , filing fees  any  any additional fees that are  necessary to collect the amount owed

    this amount will be  ADDED TO the un-paid balance until the account is paid in full.

    We do accept all major credit cards, as payment: Note that some prices may be quoted to reflect the additional cost incurred for using this form of payment versus checks or wire transfers. We reserve the right to provide a processing fee as a separate line item in the event the item has the potential to be paid for by credit card instead of check or wire transfer


    LATE Fees: and other charges  When  Special pricing Discounts have been provided to dealers or resellers

    If payments are  over  indicated terms example net 30 days of  the agreed  to terms and  payment is  late or  delinquent and over the  the terms  outlined  on any specified  order in which the  products have already been delivered to the customer , We reserve the right to bill the standard pricing, collect the discount that may have been applied  if  the payment has not been made according to the  terms  specified at the time the order was placed . 

    Standard pricing is the price that  we would normally charge for a product if sold individually without any discounts for quantity discounts or special discounts.  Security Products Unlimited reserves the right to reverse the discounts  that  may have been provide , given or  applied  when the customer first  placed the order and  agreed to purchase the products. In the event the customer provides a  false or bogus purchase order or a bogus  or fake purchase order  number in order to advance the shipment  of the products or receive the products, and a discount has been provided for those products ,we reserve the right to reverse the discount and  charge  the standard selling price for those items. The actual  non discounted selling price of those products, refers to what  we would normally charge for those items if  only one item was purchased, and no discounts were given.

    In the event that a customer misrepresents its intent to purchase a products and provides a purchase order number  but  fails to follow  through  with  providing us the hard copy of  the signed and  approved  company purchase order ,we reserve the right to bill the customer for those items at the  standard non discounted price that  we would normally charge for  those items  in single quantities.

     Customer is aware that this is a charge back for the account not being paid by the date specified, which could be any set of terms net 15 net 30 etc  or upon receipt, including  but not limited to payments due for,  net %  discount   if payment is not made  in  the time specified and agreed to.

      If   customer defaults  on  payment  regardless of which  payment  instrument, credit card, money order, cashiers check, company check, wire transfer , pay pal, , these accounts will be billed  charges  of  21.9 % APR AT 35  DAYS DELINQUENT, after  receipt of products or services.



  • Litigation fees: In the event customer refuses to pay  an Outstanding balance owed  and we have no recourse other than  litigation  in resolving an outstanding debt ,and have to   file a legal  claim in the Texas courts  to recover this debt  by litigation the Party involved owing the balance  is responsible for all  attorney fees, court cost, parking expenses and  time at $ 95 per hour as well as  a one time charge of $ 695.00  as well as  being responsible for all other  filing fees, or  costs  associated with collecting this debt and unpaid balance with interest additionally  any  other charges for filling  liens ,both  personal or against a business, are also the financial responsibility of the customer for non payment.  

  • In the event the client doesn't resolve there balance in a timely manner and we are forced to  resort to litigation in a  small claims court  n the State of Texas a fee of $ 495.00  one time fee will be added to the outstanding balance for our time and aggravation and disruptions  in our  daily business , additional fee will  include any expenses to recover this debt  by litigation and the Party involved owing the balance  is responsible for all  attorney fees, court cost, parking expenses and  time at $ 95 per hour,  all other  filing fees, or  costs  associated with collecting this debt  with interest  additionally   other charges for filling  liens ,both  personal or against a business, are also the financial responsibility of the customer for non payment.  

  • Shipping and freight charges:

  • We are not a freight forwarding organization or a shipper, so we can't accept the responsibility of a third party to ship the correct product, by the right method or agree to the time in which the product will arrive. The most we can provide is an approximate time you can expect to receive your products. Please verify your preferred shipping method, and use the shipper’s website to track your package and expected delivery times. If requested a tracking number will be provided. Most Shipments are shipped thought a distribution center, in which  case we have little control of when the product ships, or the actual tracking number, because we don't know precisely which carrier was used. 

  • We cannot control the possibility of backlogged orders being processed prior to your order being received.  

  • Please allow ample time to process and ship  your security product  to your specified location. As is the case with most security products, the customer orders the product last minute and expects it to be on site the next day, this is virtually impossible in most cases, due to the log of orders being processed thru these distribution centers, that process orders world wide.


  • Regarding Credit card purchases:

  • Customer agrees to provide accurate billing information and credit card information for all purchases. Customer is aware that providing false information is a crime punishable by the law. Security Products Unlimited reserves the right to prosecute any violation to the full extent of the law. Any Unpaid balance is subject to all necessary collection activities deemed necessary by Security Products Unlimited to collect all money owed.


  • credit card orders add 3.5% processing fee  to total including freight or pay by check

  • Freight Allowances on Shipments involving UPS -FedEx, Common Carrier ,Air freight , Sea Freight, USPS, Priority Mail etc

  • Freight allowance -on some products we will ship at our cost  to various trucking terminal across the country as close to the customer as possible, but within  a specific network of locations , this  freight allowance is provided to the customer to  reduce  the costs of what the customer would normally have to pay for the shipment


  • Note in some cases we will estimate the freight from the drop off  terminal location to the customer location note this  is simply and estimate


  • the cost from that terminal to the  customer would be the customers responsibility for payment and this charge will vary depending on the mode of transportation as well as the type of service required


  • Note: in some case a freight allowance of 50% of the total charge from (trucking terminal to customer destination )will be covered by us as a convenience 

  • Note this  is often an estimated charge for freight  based on weight and size and may not reflect the  actual  freight charges,

  • Note: we do not know what the actual charge will be, until after the item leaves the terminal to its final destination


  •  In these cases an additional charge will apply as a (billed separate charge) for the  difference up to  50% of the  total  charge 

  • this amount  will be  applied to the same credit card as the item was charged on and billed once we receive the actual freight bill


  • All credit card orders must have there billing address and ship to address listed with the credit card company. All orders over $500 dollars will be checked to see if the ship to address is listed with the credit card company. No order will ship until verified. The purchaser may be required to list with there credit card company i.e. American Express, the ship to address or add it to the credit card holders account as an alternate ship to address. This is a measure to protect the credit card holder from unauthorized use of their card.

  • Note:  with   all credit card orders we require that you complete the required paper work after calling in your order to security products unlimited

  • All Custom orders are set up as a one of a kind orders and  These sales are final

  •       Credit Card Information  is to be completed by customer   which is located at the bottom of all invoices,

  • We require that you confirm the accuracy of the delivery address  and confirm that all information is correct  prior to signing

  • We required that you return  the Order form  to us by a verifiable business fax,  email or by courier service. We require a signed copy of the order on our Order Form  , which states our terms and conditions.

  • We do in some case require additional forms of identification to verify identity of person placing the order, as well as a confirm that we have a verifiable  billable  or delivery address in which to make the delivery. Identification will be required for any overseas orders. Note a verifiable form of  ID  are drivers license, credit cards billing verification,, utility billing statement ,  copy of a  Passport , Company letter head  verifiable  phone and fax and  address.

  • We reserve the right to require additional proof of identity, if we feel it is deemed necessary

  • Most common carrier  or Delivery companies UPS ,FEDEX and others do verify   identification prior to making a  delivery  for valuable items

  • As well as require you  sign  and agree that you  have received a complete order, free of defects or  any shipping damages  missing parts. 

  •    In Order to reduce credit card fraud, proof of identity is required as a measure  to protect you as well as ourselves from any fraudulent charges

  • As with any order made in any store in the country, where a signature is required, we expect to receive back your signed and completed invoice outlining the charges that you agree to pay for products

  • This invoice and agreement to pay must be faxed, emailed or mailed  back prior to the order being delivered.

  • As a customer  Convenience:  On special occasions orders may be processed , prepared for  international shipment or  pre assembled  at the customers request. 

  • Any order or agreement to purchase  is a  legal  document  , All Orders called in will be treated as such.

  • As with some products that are shipped thru common carrier we reserve the right to bill the customer additional charges for delays out of our control i.e.   storage charge -re packaging fees, re-crating charges , re -direct charges , re- boxing  fees , returned  as undeliverable charges , undeliverable shipments due to weather or  inaccurate delivery information  which is out of our control.

  • Additional Charges may occur due to a mishap that may occur from the time the products are stored, shipment, picked up   

  • With out the required signatures and verifications we can’t schedule or reschedule a delivery 

  •    All freight charges, handling fees, storage fees , pallet fees ,packaging fees, re- wraps , re -boxing fees , re -crating charges, restocking fees

  •  will still be the responsibility of the customer

  •  Once they have surrendered there credit card information to process an order for a shipment.

  • Note:  additional fees may include brokerage fee, customs fees, other duties, cod charges and rejected shipment charges, or POD charges

  • Default on Payment:

  • Customers  agree  to pay all attorney fees, paralegal fees, tracking fees, skip trace fees, court costs, travel, meals, collection fees and incidental costs  associated with the collection of any outstanding balance plus late fees of 1.5% per month on any and all  unpaid balance until the debt is cleared. Any misc. charge, overnight mail, certified letters, typing, or professional services needed to settle debt will be come the responsibility of said purchaser. The customer agrees to these terms and conditions by placing an order and is bound to the said agreement. Additionally any fees charged by the credit card company i.e. process fees, discount fees, etc. charge backs fees, bank fees will then become part of the balance due.

  • Personal guarantee:

  • Security Products Unlimited: In the event a corporation, or a business defaults on payment, the person making the purchase on there credit card  becomes personally responsible for the payment of any money owed Security Products Unlimited.

  • Additionally any receiving party of goods shipped, by receiving the order assumes the liability of the debt, as thought they placed the order themselves. Security Products Unlimited reserves the right to use the package tracking numbers and the individual signing for received products and hold the receiving party responsible for payment in full for the shipment, until the goods are paid in full.

  •  If a receiving party requests a delivery location not listed with the credit card company, the purchaser may be required to list the delivery address with the credit card company as an additional or alternate shipping location.

  • This is a personal guarantee, agreed to by the individual placing the order.


  • Modification of Terms: Security Products Unlimited may modify these Terms at any time, and such modifications shall be effective immediately upon posting of the modified Terms. You agree to review these Terms periodically to be aware of such modifications and your continued access or use of the Site shall be deemed your conclusive acceptance of the modified Terms.

  • Over night freight

  • Overnight shipping charges will not be refunded should a product be defective.

  •  However any defective products ship by ground delivery will be credited for freight charges.  Price Quotations for freight may apply to certain items depending on the weight and the destination zip code. In these cases the freight price will be quoted to the customer once the order is received, the freight charges will be provide to customers so they can decide which level of service they prefer. The buyer must report damages of any type to the Freight Company

  •  Package tracking of orders:

  • Various freight forwarders provide web sites to track packages and to confirm the level of service. Some Products, we sell ship from other location outside of our immediate area, in these cases we can only process the order and relay the information, such as tracking numbers or air bill numbers to the buyer via email.

  •  Over Payments:

  • All overpayments must be requested within 90 days or any overpayment will be applied to  the customer account in the form of a credit towards future equipment purchases.

  • This may Include the cost of shipping equipment to or from the MFG or the rental location or any cost associated with the delivery of any goods to your requested destinations.

  •  Crating Policy:

  • Various products may require  special crating, if shipped domestically or over seas. I.E. x ray machines ,Transaction drawers ,window

  • We reserve the right to invoice the customer for crating charges based on requirements , depending on destination.

  • Security Products Unlimited assumes no responsibility for damages, which may result from carelessness on the part of the freight company , or not packaging products properly or  other unforeseen damages due to carrier errors , or damages resulting in transit.

  • The foregoing may not be changed except by agreement in writing by an officer of Security Products Unlimited. terms and condition may change without notice


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  • Security Products Unlimited

  • 915-240-4747