Terms and conditions of sales or rentals, loans and more:

Note: all Credit card billing will reflect on your bill as

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Security Products Unlimited, requests that you review your invoice or quotation for accuracy and completeness.

should  you have questions  please call 915-240-4747

  email securityproducts@elp.rr.com  


Terms: Our Invoice/ Quote is our Personal guarantee and  Promissory note  for your financial  responsibility  for payment

Read Carefully before accepting: By accepting this agreement verbally or in writing our Invoice/ Quote # xxxxx  or for multiple orders Invoice # xxxxx- (xx /Year) -(Invoice /1-2-etc) constitutes our agreement for personally guaranteeing full payment. The customer has read and  understands the  terms and conditions  as set forth in this agreement. This  Invoice acts as a Promissory note  which is your agreement to abide and be liable for repayment to Security Products Unlimited  a Sole Proprietorship  located in El Paso Texas any and all charges owed, including late fees and interest,  if paid after the due date will be owed as agreed ,  Regardless of actual billing date, if  the order is not pre-paid and extended with  any specified terms of Net 30 ,net60 ,Net 90 or net 120  as  agreed upon terms  which may be  extended,  example for trial use and  evaluation  of  the  product. any trial  period on  equipment must be authorized   and accepted by Security Products Unlimited. before ant item  is shipped

Customer agrees that this is a Promissory Note where by the customer is pledging there  personal guarantee to pay any and all unpaid balances on equipment purchased or loans extended, to include the cost of loaner equipment, any  additional related equipment, repairs, exchanges, or costs associated with any order which may include various  state  taxes, county taxes , etc or additional overage shipping charges for improperly weighed   freight or freight shipped with the wrong classification code ,  as well as any additional charges that are  not obvious at the time of sale  i.e. tariffs, duties, international duties, storage fees, undeliverable charges , returns delivery charges, storage fee on damaged goods, return costs  as well as chargeback's fees  or restocking fees if an item is returned.

Customer assumes  financial responsibility for any and all  freight charges associated with  placing  multiple orders shipping to different locations and assumes full responsibility for any additional expenses that we may incur on your behalf ,whether specified in  written or by verbal agreement , this contract holds the party  financially responsible for any and all additional charges, that may result in a  financial  loss on financial loans, loans on equipment, equipment purchases, equipment rentals, equipment exchanges as well as  other services fees, interest charges , late fees or sales taxes, duties, tariffs , crate fees, international packaging, in bond charges , duties, I international duties or over freight charges   etc  that may be owed or due in the state or country   in which the product was delivered

Customer assumes full responsibility to provide proof of tax exempt status ,by providing a copy of the  customers tax exempt  status or the certificate or resale certificate if within  Texas which requires a Texas  resale certificate emailed to  us  within 15 day of purchase date to get the  Tax exempt  status . additionally any tax exempt entities or government agency, school, prison, church or state run agency may provide there exempt status number, however we reserve the right to charge the credit card on file for any additional  sales tax owed  after 15 days ,including overages in  freight  charges once products has been delivered.  

 This is an agreement whereby the customer agrees to  repay any and all outstanding balances owed, including any past balances that may be in the rears or still owing from previous invoices or previous orders on  one or multiple orders that may be shipping to different locations.  the Invoice / Quote   referred to as     ( Invoice/ Quote # 07544 -xx-x )  is  your  personal guarantee and Promissory note to repay amount of loan in full and   assume full  responsibility to repay Security Products Unlimited, or Chuck McCammon, Sole Proprietor  of  Security Products Unlimited. any and   all outstanding debts or  balances owed  regardless of the date invoiced , date shipment, arrival date  of equipment as well as  any other expenses that we my  pay on your behalf ,that are not  obvious  at the time the order is placed.

The Following Terms and Conditions apply to all Security Products Unlimited Quotations / Invoices # xxxxx -xx-x  or for multiple orders Quote /   Invoice #  xxxxx- (xx- year-)  (# x invoice #  1 -2-3 etc) subsequently received and accepted as a binding  agreement. by signing A Security Products Unlimited   Quotation / Invoice xxxxx  this is your  acceptance  as well as confirmation  of all terms and conditions which  gives us the authorization to process the order , which may include your companies copy of the purchase order to reflect our invoice # and price quoted , any Purchase order received with terms stated  is subject to our  approval which includes the stated terms for payment. any Purchase order may be withdrawn by us  at any time and  immediate notice will me sent by email stating that the order was either  approved  or not approved  by Security Products Unlimited.

All Quotations expire  30 day after date issued. Prices are  subject to change at any given time without notice and are based upon existing conditions, increases in materials, supply and demand or in the event a clerical error is  made on pricing. Security Products Unlimited reserves the right to withdraw any quotation or adjust any price quoted  accordingly. Quotations and pricings are  estimates only, until shipped  additionally  freight charges may vary from what is quoted,   until the order is actually placed and freight is  determined by the carrier. Security Products Unlimited will not accept back charges, liquidated damages or any other  penalties resulting from defects in  fabrication or  mistakes in providing accurate delivery locations.

Pricing terms  quotations are quoted as pre-paid pricing only,

We  reserve the right to charges additional fees or amounts for terms of net 30  or net 60  or longer and may offer discounts for net  10 or net 15 ,or upon receipt            depending on the product ordered  and  the customers accounts payable requirements. 

 All Orders are subject to acceptance or rejection by Security Products Unlimited, unless otherwise specified in writing by SPU.  All terms of sale shall be governed by Security Products Unlimited terms and conditions of sale, Located in El Paso Texas, this includes any transaction, Loan, lease of rental equipment, product modification, expressly objects to any different or additional terms contained in any purchase order or offer of confirmation for purchase .

 The Terms of this agreement will be incorporated into t any  transaction and shall become part of  the purchase agreement for goods purchased ,  services rendered or loans extended or  money owed on  rentals, exchanges, or the use of temporary loaner equipment, or  any additional parts or products required for the successful  integration of other components ,should we incur any additional  expenses.   By placing an  order by phone or   by purchase order, thru pay pal,  Customer agrees to these  terms and conditions. 

Security Products Unlimited shall have the continuing right to check buyersí credit  score thru  D & B  Dun and Brad street or any other Credit reporting agency.    

Security Products Unlimited, may at any time demand advance payment, or a security deposit,  cash advance on any custom order                                                       as a personal  guarantee of   payment. 

Note: Sales tax applies to Texas residents or business if not qualified as a tax exempt  entity  or if the customer cant provide proof of a  tax exempt  certificate

Customer agrees to have read and accepted all terms as  stated here in our terms and condition agreement.

We assume no liability for omissions or fitness for any application.

All pricing is subject to change without notice.

Return Policy: Money back Guarantee, means that some products can be returned within 15 or 30 days, depending on the product with the exception of any custom orders. After that time the product is nonrefundable and un-returnable and must be paid for in full regardless of the kind of terms used to make the purchase, i.e. purchase order, purchase requisition, credit card, check, Pay Pal or any other form of payment used to purchase said product. Various suppliers products may not be subject to return, or refund  i.e.  if the buyer receives a products then decides to order or  purchase the same product  direct from manufacturer or distributor, we do not allow refunds and  will require that the product was purchased from the distributor prior to the transaction dated  purchased as these products are  considered non refundable as well as non  returnable. 

Products must be returned in the same packaging as shipped. Products must be in same condition as received. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the customer to check product packaging for any visible damage to the container, inside packaging , crate and photograph and inspect product upon delivery. All claims will be processed thru the freight carrier.

It  is the full responsibility of the customer to inspect   product  upon arrival  to ensure itís  the correct product ordered  or  confirm  any missing parts,   it is also  the total responsibility of the customer to inspect the products functionality, as it relates to their  specific application,  check for dents, scratches, defects, broken parts, missing parts, or defective parts, ensure the instruction manuals are included and check the operability and suitability of the product prior to installation,

Note: Any product that has been installed is not eligible for exchange or return. We cannot accept any product returns on any products that has been installed regardless of its failure to be the incorrect model or meet the suitability or expectations or suitability for any application.

15 Day Return on non-custom Hardware Products: We offer a 15 day money back guarantee on most products, in the event a trial period is required we must have a mutual agreement to the specific time frame the product is needed for review, which must be noted on the quotation / invoice  # xxxxx  even when placing a verbal  or written order. The trial period will not exceed in most cases 2 weeks from receipt regardless of the type of products, unless more time is needed to make a fair evaluation. Please keep in mind that we do not allow returns on products that are to be used for testing purposes ,or any type of counter surveillance   products  or  any custom orders or specially made  or custom designed or custom painted products that can be used for a specific one time  purpose or that can be used to address a  temporary one time security concern.

 No freight charges will be refunded on any returned item, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to pay the freight charges to and from their location.   

Restocking Fee: A 20% restocking fee is a standard policy on most returns with most major distribution centers, which covers handling and process fees, fees crate fees, packaging and will received the returned item.  Additionally, freight charges will be deducted from any return or shipped orders, when a credit is issued for the return. Note:  it is the responsibility of the customer to arrange shipment returns, thru us by getting  an  RMA Return Material Authorization before any product is returned to us or shipped back to it point of origin. We will provide the return address for such returns with the proper RMA number clearly attached to the address label Customer is responsible for call before ordering any products if youíre not clear on the return policy for any specific product.  

 Pictures as posted on the web site Note: Web site may contain pictures or descriptions of products or parts that may no longer be available or that may be discontinued, modified ,replaced , or may be in very limited supply or even discontinued and termed out of stock with no replacement. 

 If a product is to be returned, buyer must call and get a Return Authorization Number # before we can accept any returned product sent back to us or the distribution center from which it was shipped. Note some products ship from different regions of the United States, so freight charges could dramatically vary, we have no control over delays, weather, natural disasters or scheduling to include exact pickup or delivery times

Indemnification: You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Security Products Unlimited, its owners, officers, agents, directors, employees, agents, affiliates, licensors, suppliers and any third-party information providers to the Site from and against all losses, expenses, damages and costs, including attorneysí fees, resulting from any violation of these Terms by you.

Hold Harmless  Indemnity Under no circumstances shall Security Products Unlimited be responsible for incidental or consequential damages with respect to economic loss or injury to persons or property, arising out of use or careless handling of any products or the inability to properly use the product purchased, whether as a result of breach or express or implied warranty, negligence or otherwise.

suitability of any products for intended purpose

Purchaser shall determine the suitability of the product for his own intended use and user assumes all risks and liability associated with its use or application what so ever in connection therewith.

State Laws regarding use of products : Purchaser shall be responsible for checking all country, state or local laws before purchasing certain products. Any and all recommendations and sales are made on the condition that we will not be held liable for determining fitness for any application or possible damages resulting from their use.

Warranty on Products:

A products warranty is null and void from any warranty if the manufacture seal is broken or damaged or missing or removed. No product returns will be accepted in the event a product warranty seal is broken, damaged, missing and no credit will be applied to purchasers account. Warranties vary by manufacturer and some products may have only certain parts warranted against defects for a specified period. The Seller only guarantees that   product listed conforms to its standard quality and provides the  Manufactures warranty.

Defective Products Any Products that is found to be defective after the customer has had the product for more than 30 days must return it to the manufacturer for an exchange or refund, or credit depending on what the policy stated is for that item. We have no control over defective products, these defects are  covered by the manufacturer only and therefore exchange or repair will be left up to the manufacturer of the products. We can and will assist you in any way possible in order to help you get these issue resolved, It is the customers responsibility to check the status and operation of the products as soon as it is received in order to assure it is operational as expected and functions as stated.

Loaner Security Products : in the event a loaner product is sent out for review the trial period is normally 15 days max  and the customer agrees to return the product directly to us in the same condition as when shipped after the   day trial period, note if the product is sent out to customer as a   substitution or as a product exchange or upgrade or  for   company evaluation or demonstration  purposes  the trial period of 15 days may be increased by calling an requesting a longer return date. And after that date a rental fee will be charged equaling $ 35% of the cost based on retail per day  at which time the customer can elect to purchase the product outright, or return it. Customer agrees to pay for  any freight  charges to and from customer location or the cost to ship the product  to a  different awaiting customer who may also be wanting to  evaluate the product , customer agrees to  return or forward the product is the same condition as when shipped and accepted by them Like New condition.

   Credit card processing fees

Credit Card orders: Note On  All credit card orders we add 3.5% as a processing fee added to the total including freight  or  customer may pay by check

 Charge backs on credit cards:  Customer is responsible for return freight charges if not satisfied with any products

Purchase orders must be pre approved as well as verified as a legitimate agreement to purchase any product, before any order is shipped

 We reserve the right to require a deposit which may  include  freight  changes prior to shipping,  Custom orders may require a deposit even when a purchase order is submitted  in order to make a purchase,  We reserve the right to validate and confirm all information provided, on the Purchase Order company name ,location ,office phone number, buyers position, name of  buyer, company location , company address , buyers title and may refuse any purchase order at our discretion,

We may also require a D&B Report to show  credit worthiness  or a Personal credit report to establish terms  at the customers expense if necessary.  Some items will not be returnable or refundable due to the size , custom color, design, makeup, manufacturers return policy

All returnable items will be subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Customer agrees to be personally responsible for payments if declined by any credit card company if product has already shipped

Late  Fees:

any order over $500 will be charged a minimum late fee of $15.00

any Invoice  that exceeds 60 days will be charged  additional  $10.00 per month for each month that passes  30 days after the due date

Accounts  not paid within the terms of our agreement are subject to a loss of an promotional discount provided on that  item

  if the Invoice is not paid by the specified  terms stated on the order which is typically  Net 30 days from the ship date


Purchaser, Borrower or Renter agrees to be financially responsible for any and all  Late Fees as well as Interest Charges owed until the account is paid in full.    

 Note; an account that is delinquent  120 days from the Invoice date  will be subject to additional charges including any and  all costs of collection  including court  filing fees, attorney fees, document transfer fees, o shipping charges, costs for  liquidation of assets, auction fees  process server fees, judgment transfer fees in the state in which the customer resides ito include any additional costs associated with collecting the  balance owed Security Products Unlimited

Security Products Unlimited, reserves the right to run  a credit report on any individual or company  that has entered into a Security Products Unlimited agreement  should the individual  or company  should the invoice exceed  120 days delinquent  on any amount owed over $1000 , additional charges for a credit report  will be added to the outstanding balance owed  based on rates charged by  Dunn and Bradstreet credit reporting service.   

 All Sales  are final after 15 days of receipt  if  we have not been notified about a problem or wrong product ,or if the item  has not  been returned to us  within the 15 day grace period with the  RMA # provided  on the box , prior to returning the order.  additionally  any  items  shipped and received are  considered a final sale and are non refundable and un- returnable , if you have  not notified us for the  Return Authorization within 15 days from delivery or  the  date of acceptance.   any  balance billed as of that date ,to include any credit card processing fees are then  considered the responsibility of the  customer  and all sales at this point are  a binding contract to pay in full

Payment terms may be extended by Security Products Unlimited , if the trial time is not sufficient time to make a company  decision to buy a product and it is  possible to extend the return date to exceeds the number of dais allowed  for the trial . After that extend date it is the customers responsibility to advise us f they want to keep the  product  making the terms stated  on the invoice into a binding contact , and customer assumes  full responsibility  for making full payment

 Various suppliers products may not be  returned , or refund  i.e.  if the buyer receives a products then decides to set up a dealer account with any manufacturer  and return the product  because they found the same product  for less directly from manufacturer or  the distributor  we will  not allow a product refund on these products unless the customer can supply to us a copy of the invoice to show that the product was  purchased from the distributor prior to making the purchase from security Products Unlimited ,

Products that are non returnable are any products supplied from the following companies controlled products , ADI ,  CRL ,Gort metals, United Security Products 

We  accept most major credit cards as payment: Note that some prices may be quoted to reflect the additional cost incurred for using this form of payment versus payment by check  or wire transfers or pay pal . We reserve the right to charge  a processing fee of 3.5%  of the total  including freight charges on any purchase made  by credit card 


Special Pricing Discounts:  

Standard pricing is the price that we would normally charge for any security  product if sold individually without any quantity discounts.  Security Products Unlimited reserves the right to reverse any such  discounts quoted or provided  when the customer  requested a quote or places an order with the intention of misleading us with the false  promise of purchasing additional quantities in order to get the quantity discounted  price on a quote, if  the intention is to only  purchase one item i

In the event that a customer misrepresents its intent to purchase a product and provides a purchase order but  fails to follow  through with  providing the  original hard copy of  the signed and  approved company purchase order ,we reserve the right to hold the shipment and bill the customer pre paid at the  standard non discounted price that we would normally charge on a  single unit.



Shipping  time tables

We are not a freight forwarding organization or a shipper, so we can't accept the responsibility of a third party to ship the correct product, by the right method or agree to the time in which the product will arrive. The most we can provide is an approximate time you can expect to receive your products. Please verify your preferred shipping method, and use the shipperís website to track your package and expected delivery times. If requested a tracking number will be provided. Most Shipments are shipped thought a distribution center, in which  case we have little control of when the product ships, or the actual tracking number, because we don't know precisely which carrier was used. We cannot control the possibility of backlogged orders being processed prior to your order being received.   Please allow ample time to process and ship  your security product  to your specified location. As is the case with most security products, the customer orders the product last minute and expects it to be on site the next day, this is virtually impossible in most cases, due to the log of orders being processed thru these distribution centers, that process orders worldwide.


Regarding Credit card purchases:

Customer agrees to provide accurate billing information and credit card information for all purchases. Customer is aware that providing false information is a crime punishable by the law. Security Products Unlimited reserves the right to prosecute any violation to the full extent of the law. Any Unpaid balance is subject to all necessary collection activities deemed necessary by Security Products Unlimited to collect all money owed.



Listed Billing Address All credit card orders must provide their current billing address and ship to address listed with the credit card company on record. All orders over $500 dollars will be checked to see if the ship to address provided is listed with the credit card company. No order will ship until address has been verified. The purchaser may be required to list with their credit card company i.e. American Express, the ship to address or add it to the credit card holders account as an alternate ship to address. This is a measure to protect the credit card holder from unauthorized use of their card.


Note:  all credit card orders we require that you complete the required paper work after calling in your order to security products unlimited

American express requires that a  ship to address  that is different from the billing address is  listed  with Amex as  an alternate address 

All Custom orders are set up as a one of a kind orders where all sales are final with absolutely no returns accepted

Credit Card Information  is to be completed by customer which is located at the bottom of all our Quote/ Invoice form which will become the actual invoice once shipped or billed

We require that you confirm the accuracy of the ship to  address  and confirm that all information is correct prior to placing the order

We required that you return  the Order form to us by a verifiable business fax,  email or by courier service. We require a signature   on the order on our Order Form as approval on any and all custom transaction hardware, this document  states our terms and conditions.

We do in some case require additional forms of identification to verify identity of person placing the order, as well as a confirm that we have a verifiable  billable  or delivery address in which to make the delivery. Identification will be required for any overseas orders. Note a verifiable form of  ID  are drivers license, credit cards billing verification,, utility billing statement ,  copy of a  Passport , Company letter head  verifiable  phone and fax and  verifiable  business address.

We reserve the right to require additional proof of identity, if we feel it is deemed necessary

Most common carrier or Delivery companies UPS ,FEDEX and others do verify   identification prior to making a  delivery  for valuable items

As well as require you sign  and agree that you  have received a complete order, free of defects or  any shipping damages  missing parts.

In Order to reduce credit card fraud, proof of identity is required as a measure to protect you as well as ourselves from any fraudulent charges

As with any order made in any store in the country, where a signature is required, we expect to receive back your signed and completed invoice outlining the charges that you agree to pay for products

This invoice and agreement to pay must be faxed, emailed or mailed back prior to the order being delivered.

As a customer Convenience:  On special occasions orders may be processed , prepared for  international shipment or  pre-assembled  at the customerís request.

Any order or agreement to purchase is a  legal  document  , All Orders called in will be treated as such.

As with some products that are shipped thru common carrier we reserve the right to bill the customer additional charges for delays out of our control i.e.   storage charge -re packaging fees, re-crating charges , re -direct charges , re- boxing  fees , returned  as undeliverable charges , undeliverable shipments due to weather or  inaccurate delivery information  which is out of our control.

Additional Charges may  be incurred for providing inaccurate delivery locations ,which could add additional cost  for the storage fees on different palletized undeliverable items

note delivery times must be specified if shipping to a state or  federal facility, additional charges may be incurred if an item is delivered and damage and the damage is not notated at the time of delivery

any such orders for  damage to bullet resistant glass products, stainless steel products, transaction hardware should be noted and questioned if the delivery should be accepted   if the damage is clearly apparent  ,all such items should  be thoroughly  checked before the driver leaves .  customer is accepting freight as is and  may not be covered by the freight company  for  the cost of any damages that resulted or occurred in transit.  any such items should be inspected before accepting  and signing for a damaged box , the customer has the right to  reject  any such shipments.

Additionally  the customer should take a  few picture at the time of delivery of the damaged box as well as the  item once removed from the box or crate

  . additional cost may be incurred for storage if the hours of delivery are not stated at the time of the order,  from the time the products  delivered  as damaged , stored, shipment, or picked up

Without the required signatures and verifications we canít schedule or reschedule a delivery

All freight charges, handling fees, storage fees , pallet fees ,packaging fees, re- wraps , re -boxing fees , re -crating charges, restocking fees, will still be the responsibility of the customer

Once they have surrendered there credit card information to process an order for a shipment.

Note:  additional fees may include brokerage fee, customs fees, other duties, cod charges and rejected shipment charges, or POD charges

Product . Returns will  be left to our sole discretion or the sole discretion of the manufacturer.

 In which case the Customers  agree  to pay all attorney fees, paralegal fees, tracking fees, skip trace fees, court costs, travel, meals, collection fees and incidental costs  associated with the collection of any outstanding balance plus late fees owed per month on any and all unpaid balance until the debt is paid in full additional charges could include any misc. charge, overnight mail, certified letters, typing, or professional services needed to settle  the debt  which will be come the responsibility of  purchaser. The customer agrees to these terms and conditions by placing an order and is bound to the said agreement. Additionally any fees charged by the credit card company for  process fees, discount fees,  charge backs fees, bank fees will  become part of the balance amount due.

Charge backs become the personal responsibility of the party making the purchase if using a 3rd party employees credit card

 Payments Options Include: [ ] Company Check [ ] Personal Check [ ] Money Order or Cashiers Check [ ] Wire Transfer to RT# . [ ] Pre-paid Purchase Order.

By placing this order or signing this agreement indicates that you have read, understand and agree to all the terms and conditions of this transaction ,sale of  goods or services, loans, rentals etc   as well as any additional charges which may not be  published on our web site.

All sales are final. unless otherwise notated on the invoice

  Please send all payments to our mailing address listed at the top left hand corner of the Invoice  

Payment by check : Make  all  checks payable Security Products Unlimited

some orders depending on the product type  may be subject to certain restrictions  by state or by country.

Misc. Charges that  may include : freight surcharges , tariffs, brokers fees , storage fees, equipment rentals, replacement costs , replacement parts, overnight air freight  charges, padded van delivery, service setup fees, lift gate services, services charge setup fees, testing fees, reprogramming fees, return shipment costs, temporary   replacement equipment charges, service call fees, electrical contracting charges ,travel expenses, accrued interest charges ,hotel costs, Airfare fees ,food & beverage, daily  allowances for travel, or any  shortages, that may result  below actual out of pocket  expenses , any and all associated travel expenses, canceled reservation fees, taxi fees , UBER  charges, Rental Car reimbursement charges, ferries fees, or any transportation required   by us on your behalf , to include any and all unknown  costs at time of sales, to include  international duties ,damaged goods returned freight charges, insurance charges or expenses  that may be unbilled by the carrier, or  unbilled by us one  original invoice, these additional charges become part of the original invoice  regardless if overlooked prior to the order being shipped or delivered

this agreement is in force until all invoices owed are paid in full: you here by accept these terms  and conditions as a contract to pay for goods or services  whether by  verbal agreement or   signed  agreement

Should a product be return customer agrees to return in  the same condition  and box or packaging as  received , customer agrees to  pay any and all freight charges etc.  to us , which can vary by freight carrier ,we have no control of how freight is classed or what is billed as all freight charges are estimates only

other  Fees: customer agrees to pay any and all    fees ,for undeliverable products that are returned and my require  storage  regardless of the kind of  undeliverable freight and be responsible for any  interest charges , Credit card fees. Security Products Unlimited is not responsible for orders held up in  customs  or  holding fees, in bond warehouse fees  additional  re weight  freight charges or in bond  storage fees , or cost of  returned  freight charges due  to non acceptance ,, inaccurate address , non deliverable delivered to a specific person that is not there to accept the shipment   or  returns due to damaged goods, customer agrees to pay any and  all  charges we may incur on your behalf  and are billed for regarding any shipment,  repackaging, or specialized changes that may be required before order is delivered by freight company , ie pallet fees etc

 Note: Credit card decline  fees after net 30 if we do not receive your Payment due by the payment due date you may have to pay a late fee up to $ 35  and your APRs will increase to the Penalty (annual interest  rate) APR at the time the charge occurs

 Agreeing party is responsible for any late fees as well as other charges that we may incurred  as a result of this agreement  not being paid on time or as stated ,  Terms can be  payment upon delivery, net 30 , net 60 , net 90 and after 120 days we reserve the right to file a demand for payment  and file  suit at the customers expense as the customer is responsible for all  filing fees, court cost ,attorney fees and all  necessary means to collect and satisfy this debt, which could include a wage garnishment, file a lien,  seizure of property , repossession , as well as  demand property be sold to satisfy   dept  to include  file criminal complaint , or file charges for  theft or fraud , for  using bogus purchase orders , or using a stolen credit card or issuing a fake purchase order or  defrauding security products unlimited  in any way.


 Freight Claims:  it is the responsibility of the customer to check the product packaging for  any signs of visible exterior damages to the container or internal packaging including the crate if one  and  immediately  upon arrival photograph the damages and  notifying us or the carrier  if  something is found to be  defect missing  or incorrect.

if damaged photograph and refuse freight, inspect the entire contents of the box

accepting a damaged package could add additional cost to  you for the return costs of shipping  the damaged goods back to the point of origin

 immediately photograph container , rejected any  freight  upon inspection of damaged , inspect freight to make  sure that you haven't received  the wrong item additional charges could be added for the following ,repeated ,attempted deliveries , non acceptance of  the shipment due to apparent damage,  rejected freight due to delays in shipping , rejected freight due to delays in meeting your customers installation deadlines ,

optional  insurance is available to protect items  from damage or other  occurrences

should  your package get  damage   in shipping , upon delivery immediately  photograph the apparent damage and  do not accept the item, immediately notify us of the damage, and we notify the  freight carrier so you can file a   freight claims for damages ,

Do Not accept a shipment that has apparent exterior damage, as you could be liable for the damages as well as the return freight   

in some cases customer don't thoroughly inspectct the item and thing that are broken go unnoticed, until the time it is installed ,  this is why it is critical that you ask the delivery driver  to remove the item from the box  so you can view and photograph any visible  and determine if  you want to accept the delivery or not

other Charges that could be incurred are for  freight charges include additional charges for  lift gate service, ,shipped but re classified freight or Re- weighed freight , regardless of the class  stated on the bill lading when shipped , we have no control of  ETA on any shipment, addition  costs to the customer will be billed for repeated attempted deliveries leading the carrier to charge a  daily storage  fee after so many  rejected or undeliverable attempts

Signature confirmation upon delivery: Additionally any 3rd  party  that signs for the receipt of goods received, becomes personally  liable, should item not be found  by your  receiving dept and the company  assumes full  liability for paying this debt, as thought they placed the order themselves. Security Products Unlimited reserves the right to use the package tracking numbers and the individual  signature as proof of delivery  as proof of receipt  and acceptance of the products ordered.  

Next day air freight charges - Overnight shipping charges will not be refunded should a product be defective.

Any defective products ship by ground delivery will be credited for freight charges.  Price Quotations for freight may apply to certain items depending on the weight, classification and the destination zip code. In these cases, the freight price will be quoted to the customer as an estimate only and may vary once the order is received due to reweighing at the carriers hub terminals .

Freight charges will be provide to customers prior to shipping as a rough estimate only, allowing the customer to decide  the level of service  needed

The buyer must report damages of any type to the Freight Company, immediately upon Delivery

failure to not notice damage that may occur by the shipper is the customers responsibility and may be a major cost to the customer if the items is accepted as damaged

Note most insurance on damage goods ,needs to be notated with the driver and documented by picture of the exterior damage as well as damage to the item received.

If no freight terms are specified it is expressly agreed that the goods will ship  freight collect , or pre pay and add, some items may be shipped FOB  point of MFG  , with terms pre-paid pricing with  add for  Delivery

Various freight orders shipped by LTL will have freight charges billed separate because the actual freight charges are unknown prior to the shipment leaving the dock

shipping dates are estimates only, and security products unlimited shall not accept any  liability associated with delays in freight of any kind.



Package tracking of orders:

Various freight forwarders provide web sites to track packages and to confirm the level of service. Some Products, we sell ship from other location outside of our immediate area, in these cases we can only process the order and relay the information, such as tracking numbers or air bill numbers to the buyer via email.



 Payments Options Include

 [ ] Company Check [ ] Personal Check [ ] Money Order or Cashierís Check [ ] Wire Transfer to RT# . [ ] Pre-paid Note : any Purchase Orders needs to be   pre-approved  prior to the order being shipped

    placing an order  indicates that you have read, understand and agree to all  the terms and conditions of  doing business  as published on this web site.

All sales are final unless indicated on the Quote /    Invoice

Products warranties of products vary by manufacturer, 

Payments mailing address is listed above or located on the invoice. 

Make all checks payable to Security Products Unlimited.

Note Orders may be subject to certain restrictions that may apply on certain items, its the customers responsibility to check the laws in your state before ordering various products, all Quotes / Invoices have a link to the term and conditions page on our web site

By authorizing an order you are giving us complete authorization to add your company name  to our web sites partial  client list

 We appreciate your business and look forward to adding your company to  our list of satisfied customers. if you are not in favor of letting us add your company name or company logo on our web site you may  contact us by email a notification  that you don't  want to be added to this list, we do not share, sell or distribute any email address provided with anyone  nor do we state your address or phone number , we only state your company name state or city in which you are located. 

 In the event a corporation, or a business defaults on payment, the person placing the purchase on behalf of the company becomes personally liable for the payment due for  any money owed Security Products Unlimited.

credit cards orders and  3rd party locations for delivery:

if an ordering party requests a delivery location that is  not listed with the customerís credit card company, as a billable  address the  card holder or purchaser may  be required to  list the delivery address  with the credit card company as an alternative ship to address for that credit card  applies to  American Express more so than visa or MasterCard   

 Modification of Terms:

Security Products Unlimited reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time, and such modifications shall be effective immediately upon posting of the modified Terms.

Customer   agrees to review these Terms  and conditions  to be aware of any such  modifications,  your continued use of the Site shall be deemed as your conclusive acceptance of the modified Terms.

Over Payments

 must be requested within 90 days or  be applied to the customer account in the form of a credit  towards future equipment purchases.  

 Crating Policy:

Various products may require  special crating, or padded  van delivery  if shipped domestically or overseas.

I.E. x ray machines, Transaction drawers , transaction windows, bullet resistant hardware, wall pass thru units,  sensitive equipment  ,electronics etc

We reserve the right to invoice the customer for additional crating charges if any freight company has to re crate or repackage a products to due poor packing based on  specific requirements required  by some  DOMESTIC OR INTERNATIONAL freight companies  depending on the final  destination.

Security Products Unlimited assumes no responsibility for damages, which may result from careless handling on the part of the customer or  freight company, or errors in not  packaging products properly or other unforeseen damages  which may occur  due to carrier errors or damages resulting in transit thru any LTL carrier  FedEx or UPS shipping system where the products are handled and sorted by machines

Note some items are ship common carrier  LTL only, and are not advisable or safer to ship by  UPS standard brown box delivery

the Customer assumes all responsibilities for damage which could occur if the item is shipped by any other means  than , FedEx or UPS or USPS 

The foregoing may not be changed except by  Security Products Unlimited.

all terms and condition may change without notice



  In the event customer refuses to pay  an Outstanding balance owed  and we have no recourse other than  litigation  in resolving an outstanding debt or  file a legal  claim in the  courts to recover a debt the Customer owing the unpaid  balance  is responsible for any and all court costs including, attorney fees,  filling fees, any and all cost of collection

Security Products Unlimited reserves the right to seek additional  damages for time at $ 150 00  per hour and a one time charge of $ 295.00 for administrative fees,  as well as damages for disruptions in our daily business activities,

Severability: If any provision to these terms and conditions is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable under any applicable law, such provision shall not apply, but the remaining provisions shall be given effect in accordance with our terms.

All notices or demands required under this agreement shall be in writing or sent by email .

In the event that any of the terms or provisions of this Agreement are declared invalid or unenforceable by under any applicable law ,over the subject matter of this agreement, the remaining terms and provisions that are not effected thereby shall remain in full force and effect.  Additionally any invalid or unenforceable, substitute terms and provisions for those declared invalid can be renegotiated



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