Ranger Security Metal Detectors



Where  Peace of Mind Begins with Weapon Detection

The   6 Zone Walk Through Metal Detector

Increase Security at the Work Place

Reduce Internal Theft

Increase Your Net Profits-deter theft


The  6 zone Walk-Through Metal Detector

Clearly detect where Metal is located on the Body

FAA Approved

Discriminates by not detecting all metals

Programmable to reduce detecting Coins, Watches, Rings and common items

Maintain a Fast Scan rate, because the display clearly pin points where the metal is located 

Custom Programmable to be more sensitive on certain types of metals, your looking for.

Fast and accurate Readings,

Two Year Manufactures Warranty

Pentium Based Computer Processor


We Guarantee That You Will Be Satisfied With this Unit For Security

 as Well as Exit Screening Applications.


Key secured To avoid Any Changes To the Pre-programmed Settings

Easy To Set Up

Customer Programmable

Easily Reset Factory Settings



Intelliscan 6 Zone

Intelliscan 6 Zone

6 Independent Detection Zones

Discrimination Mode Capable

Factory & User Definable Presets

Integrated Floor Mounting Boots

Traffic Pacing Stop & Go Lights

United States Patented technology


a Multi-Zone  Security Walk-Through Metal Detectors

Get the Job done



6 Detection Zones


     Zone 2-----------Shoulders

Zone 3--------Chest

 Zone 4 ------Waist

  Zone 5----- Knees

  Zone 6--- Feet

Quickly Pin Points Location of metal  on the body


The Affordable answer to  Screening


Held Metal Detectors




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